This is a perfectly apt analogy, the only imperfection is that Nazi America is for more long running (40o years) and far more insidious than Nazi Germany.

Tell me how the United States Criminal Justice system, imprisoning more people than any nation in the world, and using inmates as slave labor, is different than a Concentration camp? 8 million in 1940…versus 20 million today, and that’s not counting the totals over time…400 years…probably more like 100 million lives destroyed by US concentration camps. No probably more when you count the Native Americans.

Who fills America’s prisons? Black and brown men, even in super white states like fucking Idaho.

And do you know why that is? Cause the 13th amendment says it’s okay to enslave someone IF they commit a crime. AND with that little trap door the South AND it’s KLAN police force, quickly got to work criminalizing being black.

And this is DEEPLY embedded in police culture, it wasn’t hard for this to take root within their culture as the police in this country BEGAN AS SLAVE CATCHERs AND OVERSEERS. It is in police DNA to derive their power from the enslavement, torture and murder of black folks.

READ Colson Whitehead’s Pulitzer Prize winning Underground Railroad, so you might begin to HAVE A CLUE about this country’s 400 year holocaust.

400 motherfucking years of smashing skulls, and raping women, and hanging people from trees and barbecuing them on plantation cook outs and fucking EATING THEM and taking pictures of dead black bodies hanging from trees and turning them INTO FUCKING post cards!!!!!!

Hell yeah…this is a FUCKING 400 year holocaust!!!!!!!! And hell yeah THE POLICE ARE THE FUCKIN NAZIS that keep it GOING, whether they are aware of it or not.

But if you play coy and DUMB about this shit, I will bring the truth to you RAW. You wanna are pictures of all this depraved psychopathic shit? Oh I got them. Post them on my Facebook timeline! Never FORGET! Black Americans ain’t NEVER FORGOT THIS MFING HOLOCAUST.

And if YOU want to forget, and act like I’M TRIPPING- oh sweetheart darling, we can go, tit for tat, on who has been more diabolical, the United States or Nazi Germany…and the US will win that competition every mfing time.

There is what they did to the Africans, who them turned bi racial cause of all the RAPING on the plantations! Rape which I am a product of…My body is a mfing confederate monument.

There are the non British immigrants (especially the Irish) which America fucked with ungodly, throwing them into a war (the Civil War) as soon as they got here, killing them off for kicks, when they came over here running from the British starving them. They lynched the Italians, and the Irish along with the blacks.

Everyone who can read knows the indigenous Americans got and are still getting THE RAWEST DEAL OF ALL.

This land belonged to those people for thousands of years…The way it was taken from them? What has been done to them! That first thanksgiving, clearly they made a mistake! Had they known the 400 year holocaust these people would bring…

And they even imported real live Nazis. With Operation Paperclip, the US brought them Nazis OVER HERE, secretly implanting them into high levels of government BECAUSE they so loved that Nazi stilo. Oh hell yeah, JUST LIKE NAZIS WORSE THAN NAZI GERMANY, cause they hid that shit in plain sight and got sheeple like you offended by the truth.

Now as for cops, no not all of them are Nazis, but I’d bet a billion dollars that I don’t have, that at least 10% of every force is composed of psychopaths with A NAZI like mentality, and the American systems and structures LOOK FOR THESE PEOPLE AND TEST FOR THESE PEOPLE AND EMPOWER THESE PEOPLE. They make these people the CHIEF OF POLICE, time and time again.

Operation Paperclip Indeed.


Working with the Light!

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