No that is not true. I don’t care to debate about facts surrounding what I know to be true. I’m not going to get into the minutiae over exactly how hot fire has to be before it melts aluminum rims on a car, before the aluminum liquifies and turns into a puddle (I’m thinking Very fucking hot), meanwhile a plastic garbage can beside that car (with the melted rims) is fine. Something is off. Fire that hot would melt every damn thing in its path, like lava, I would assume.

Something is off. I don’t know what it is. I never claimed to know, but I will certainly question it. I’m not going to go down endless rabbit holes of traditional logic, whereby I accept that under certain circumstances it happens that aluminum melts because the “camp fire” has become THAT HOT and yet plastic is fine.

It makes no sense, given what I know about fire. No I’m not just going to accept any explanation you try to feed me. Certainly you can create a set of facts about how a forest fire happened to melt aluminum and also leave behind no waste…like entire homes gone to the foundation. With nothing left….like what happened to the granite countertops? Stone melted too? And then disappeared without any trace? No ash? Just a blackened foundation?

And then flower gardens on the lawn completely in tact. The real footage from that fire, only found on YouTube and probably removed by now, was absolutely bizarre, given it was real. (It may not have been, but if it WAS, it should raise A LOT of questions. )

Asking questions is not the same as creating a conspiracy theory, but at least people who do that are attempting to answer these questions. For me the question is, what kind of force or heat or weapon could do these things? (Melt metal, spare plastic and shrubs and flowers.)

A follow up question…should we (we being the general public) be concerned about such a thing?

We’re not going to be concerned if we label that event as being caused by a “forest fire.” I mean that explains that away with a nice tiny bow.

It has actually come out since the “Forest Fire” reporting, that other issues were involved…some negligence on the part of PG and E…and yet and still no real answers about WTF happened and why it caused that kind of bizarre destruction-tire rims turned liquid, houses gone, plastic trash cans fine. It is just bizarre. It needs to be questioned, but rarely does mass media question anything in depth-it grabs on to a party line and insists that everyone recite it an chorus.

I’ve heard you party line about CV, I’ve heard it. I get that this is what I’m supposed to think and believe about that virus, I don’t know if I do.

Time will tell, how deadly this virus is or isn’t, but with the worst case scenario, if it was allowed to run rampant, according to the stats it would kill 2 million Americans, still less than 1% of the total population. Everything has to change because of less than 1% of the population? All this economic chaos…because we’re protecting 2 million people. It doesn’t add up. This country is not that compassionate…economic stakeholders are certainly not that compassionate. Someone on Medium just wrote about Amazon viciously attacking workers trying to unionize due to the unsafe CV working conditions…Amazon doesn’t seems to care if they die…so wtf is really going down? It is not all this concern for people’s lives. That is a bunch of bs. You might be concerned about people’s lives and I might be concerned about people’s lives…but the huge corporate drivers of the economy? Not so much. So what’s really up? Why all these “New norms” being shoved down our collective throats?

I don’t know.

Conspiracy Theorists sure do have their theories, and quite honestly some make more sense than mass media’s pissing in my ear, screaming:

“It’s raining! It’s pouring!”

I’m not a fucking idiot.

Working with the Light!

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