No the “issue”, as defined by the writer, is the correct and appropriate use of the term concentration camp. It’s an extremely narrow issue, and he writes on it well.

It’s only an “issue” because politicians (And those who low key worship them) are nonstop 1984ing people with propaganda, whereby they try to redefine terms, and tell us things like “slavery is freedom” and all other kinds of nonsense. This drives thinking people mad. So they write articles such as this where explain “actually slavery is slavery…and here is the evidence of that.”

And yet this bothers you so much, you jump in with your own dishonest redirects, whereby you redefine the issue entirely. More propaganda (Courtesy of you) and psychological fascination (courtesy of me.)

Concentration camps are what they are. The writer is simply making that point. How and why the people are in the camps is practically irrelevant to the point this writer is attempting to make, but in any case, it is not true that all of them are there illegally. A point which you are attempting to assert as a true fact.

This is simply not true. Hence the propaganda.

Even those legally attempting to enter the country under our asylum laws are being detained. But you don’t like those laws (I guess) and perhaps believe that you can single-handedly nullify laws that you don’t like be cause you’re on the winning side of this presidential administration.

But…how does it feel being on the other side of that? And as unstable as this country is right now, that should concern you…cause if these laws can be nullified so can others. Ones that you like…I’m guessing, the ones related to guns. But I digress.

I make it a point to call out propaganda when I see it, because it’s an intellectual exercise where I prove to myself: I can still think. I can still recognize the lies no matter how much insanity and confusion and propaganda gets spewed out from all angles. And it is spewing from both the right and left, faster and more furious than people can assimilate the information. Which makes it pointless noise pollution.

But now to my psychological fascination (with you) — why the redirecting propaganda? Is it that you personally are uncomfortable with the term “concentration camp” being used in association with the U.S.?

Probably not. Based on your response, I would categorize you as someone who is not morally opposed to the use of concentration camps, if you deem them practical or necessary, which you clearly do in this case.

So why not just write that? Why bother with the redirection away from the term? Is it that you don’t want others to associate the term “concentration camp” with activities that you feel are practical and useful, because then the resistance to these activities will continue and increase?

I think it’s this.

But only you know what your little drop and dust of propaganda…added to the propaganda oceans and mountains in existence at this time is really about.

Do you think it really makes a difference? Do you think you will convince those who are deeply opposed to these concentration camps, that they don’t exist? Or that it’s okay, because these people are criminals?

Or, is it just something that you believe keeps people on “your side” psychologically comfortable? Are you trying to prevent defectors?

I’m just curious…about all the above. What’s going on in this country right now, is a study on how ordinary people become Nazis.

I’ve always wondered…never imagined I’d find out in this way.

Working with the Light!

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