No they don’t. They are actually probably freaking out. Big pharm and Big Med want to maintain continued 300% profit growth…and they can only do it by maintaining very corrupt and broken systems. Obama tried to fix that system, (the gains under his system are quite unremarkable, all you can really say is more people are covered, but a whole lot of problems with the coverage. A lot of it is worthless.)

Trump and Pubs want to totally dismantle the entire system and replace it with the Wild West. Given how screwed up the system is, burning it to the ground is the hard choice that could fix it all in the long run. But it’s a really, really long run. A lot of people dying in the streets for the next 50 years or so.

Neither one gets the PTB everything they want, but Trumpcare will alleviate the fear of the richies who don’t want to pay for anyone else’s healthcare. Of course a lot of people will be uninsured and will die. A lot of them will be in Trump’s base. Apparently that matters not one bit to Trump or his base. What a bizarre country we live in right now.


Working with the Light!

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