No…you are responsible only for what YOU do.

You might, for example, be wanting, supporting, and constantly absolving and praising police departments everywhere, whenever they murder innocent black people and go “whoops! My bad.”

That’s just one example of the lingering effects of an institution that completely destroyed an entire race of people (descendants of slaves) and how white Americans will bend over backwards to justify this destruction, because they benefited from it…and don’t want these structures to change, because they fear losing whatever benefits they think they have gained from these corrupt systems.

And I get why white Americans have these fears…I do…though white America never admits this to themselves, some where in their semi-conscience mind, they think- there but for the grace of God go I.

Cause Europe…not really a very pleasant place for your average Joe for most of its existence. And white people never talk about going back to Europe…why is that? They know why…deep in their DNA, in their European collective consciousness…they know why.

White people coming over here from Europe we’re all running from something…running from exactly what happened to the African American slaves…and delighted to get over here and find that there were fresh, non white victims, and that they could be white, (a new concept invented in America…cause in Europe everyone is “white” and no one sports that label.)

So this white/black bs is a particular American con, run only because it was good for American capitalism. But it’s not good for global capitalism. Global capitalism is looking for a new con, and it doesn’t involve race…sorry white people.

Your white privilege is being threatened, but that’s capitalism, doing what it does…”diversity and inclusion” yeah that’s what global capitalism is on now. White men low key hate “diversity and inclusion” because it very quietly tells them they are no longer at the center of things.

I have seen white men completely lose their shit over the words “diversity and inclusion.”

This insanity runs deep, deeper than black or white, deeper than male or female. And like Einstein said, nothing is going to change at this level of consciousness.

It doesn’t matter, what laws get passed, what programs are in place etc.

The work is in shifting out of a consciousness where we believe, in order for someone to win, someone has got to lose, someone has to be a slave, someone has to be raped and pillaged…etc.

That consciousness has got to shift…and until it does, nothing that we do to solve any problems will work.

But living with that really fucked up consciousness is getting really, really, really uncomfortable for everyone.

This is the reason why, on the topic of race relations most white people either stay silent, or lash out defensively, as you have. White people are growing in consciousness and are becoming uncomfortable with the knowledge that their American white privilege is built on black and native blood and bones.

And also uncomfortable with the knowledge that capitalism isn’t interested in playing the white privilege game any more. Capitalism is kinda over white people…I’m just saying. And so slowly, global capitalism has made it known to white Americans we will treat you the same as everyone else (the blacks, the natives, and everyone else in the world). This ain’t sitting to well with white Americans, right about now…can’t say I blame ya. How capitalism (especially globally) treats people is fucked up. If I was white, I guess I would be desperate to hold on to my white privilege too.

But it’s not just a black and white thing. A lot of people are uncomfortable about a lot of inequalities, the male/female thing…the sex…it’s crazy. And just look at the world. It’s on a thousand….America once was the most powerful nation in the world that all the other countries admired, sort of.

Well…not any more. It’s all coming out in the wash. If you pay attention to global politics (which most Americans do not) you’d be aware that all the other countries now pretty much hate America, even when they say they don’t.

Everyone is tired of the same old shit.

It’s a good thing really, for the collective human consciousness. It is expanding, all at once.

So…if you really want to do something effective, just look deep within yourself and work on your own consciousness. That will do more than any program, law, etc…shift your consciousness!

If enough people do this, we will actually solve some problems.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!