No, Your Black Life Does NOT Matter

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Racism is Fox News’s Bread and Butter

Of course, anti-racism would have to be an anathema to those of the Fox News ilk. Fox trades heavily in blatant racism. It is their Google, Amazon and Apple stock. Racism is Fox’s I-phone. Racial hatred is by far, a Fox News best seller. Ibram X. Kendi, said something along the lines of, racial progress is always followed by more sophisticated racists progress. While racist progress has ever been an American propagandist art form, Fox News has perfected it.

What is Propaganda?

First off, let’s get a basic definition of propaganda established.There are several definitions of it. I snatched the one below from Wikipedia. Wikipedia does a pretty good job of distilling that complicated concept around the use of language to persuade people, unethically, into a single definition.

An Unfair Fight

And so, when I was targeted for the comments I made on Jack’s article, I was ready for a fight. Really a just an argument. I am a lawyer, and there are a lot of rhetorical rules and structures that go along with making an argument in good faith. I like to practice my argumentation style on social media.

Working with the Light!

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