Nope. I am not. I am talking about the Klan. I am talking about the same Klan that burned my great grandmother’s house down in 1913, because she dared to try to educate her children at a poor broken down Kentucky school house.

I am talking about these same assholes 100 years later, marching in a town, bold as fuck, same tired, tired, cowardly punk ass MO terrorizing women and children bullshit. That is EXACTLY what I am talking about since you asked, not that you really want any real answers.

Because I think I have made it VERY CLEAR exactly what I am talking about.

And any man, ANY MAN, Antifa, BLM, police, Dems, Pubs, ANY MAN that stands up to that kind of injustice is a REAL MAN.

Any man who perpetuates that sort of injustice is a the worst sort of coward. For shame.

I can’t believe I have to explain this to any damn body, what is the next crazy thing you’re going to try and justify? Raping a baby? Next you gonna be telling me all about how baby rapers got the right to rape babies? This discourse makes me want to vomit.

You will not drag me into any left/right bullshit. Right is right and wrong is wrong — AND THAT SHIT WAS WRONG.

Working with the Light!

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