Nope. I hear things I don’t like all day every day in racist ass America, so please. If I reacted to what I didn’t like id have to be reacting all day.

Im not a white male Pub follower. Only they have the luxury of living in echo chambers where smoke gets blown up their ass all damn day, and they hear only what they like. Most of us HAVE to DEAL with all kinds of unpleasant realities constantly. I am always hearing, and not reacting to idiot pub sound bites.

Just…not when Candace delivers them. When Candace delivers the idiot soundbites in her very deceptive and frighteningly clever form, I want to punch her in the face until it bleeds.

And, I am not proud of this, cause I’m a light worker. I should know better…But light workers will go dark if certain buttons are pushed. This bitch presses my buttons.

I understand how to recognize propaganda, because I’m not an idiot sheeple. I can think. The Pubs have about 10 idiot soundbites that they run around everything race related, (incredible puppet masters are they with the race-baiting) and you would have to be mildly retarded to believe anything Pubs say.

And yet so many people do. They push your little emotional buttons, everytime!

Big black man scary!!! He take my blondie away from me!!! I kill him! He deserve to die!!! He make me scared!!!!

Yeah they tap into that vein in the limbic rigid, stifled white male Pub brain, the idiot mind…and then they work it for all it’s worth. (And it’s worth a lot. If men are batteries (and basically that’s all they are too smarter more powerful men) then working that angle, turns these stupid, easily manipulated men into energizers…they just keep going and going and going.

And having fallen for the con (which in their heart of hearts they know is just a con) the Pub followers are constantly looking for information to verify the con. Not wanting to believe they are just being manipulated (used as a fucking battery!!!!) by smarter men, the look for information to justify and solidify all racist soundbites that Pubs push out constantly.

Enter Candace Owens…This bitch is the ultimate White male pub wet dream. She co-signs and all the fears in the white male racist mind. She’s a racist Pub whisperer! She says,

“Hey racist white guys! You are all so great!!!! I love you!!! I co-sign every racist thing you say!!! I will crawl up into your ass and eat it!!! Just gimme me check!”

And the do…stankin, prostitute whore that she is.

Now what about the Racist Pub women? Why do they fall for her shit???? I mean they shouldn’t. They don’t have those fears of sexual inadequacy, but they have enough sense in their heads to know, going against the power brokers and power holders in their culture leads to a complex variety of ass whippings, so they either keep their mouths shut and their heads bobbling yes, (like bobbling idiots) or they too spout off all the idiot sound bites, as well.

That’s how American racism spreads Republican style. But people are sick of Pub racism. It is revolting, sickening disgusting. No one is down with it, (no one sane anyway.)

So what do y’all do? What the rigid idiotic Pub brain always does.


And Oh my God!!! Y’all in rare Mfing form these days!!!! Going to Klan (cough Trump) rallies, screaming Yes We Klan!!!!!


But I get white Pub racism. I can take any white Pub racist and argue that lil idiot mind into a corner and wipe the floor with the brightest of them! (Pub followers are not that smart…I mean just look at them, most of them are in the cult of Trump!)

You are an idiot to attach to ANY politician! You are a fucking fool, if you haven’t figured out how that mind-numbing game works. There are the players (the politicians) and the suckers who get played (anyone who goes ga-ga for politicians.)

All politicians are conmen (or women); but usually the cons are long and sophisticated. But Trump? All his cons are short and stupid!! He’s got the same 5, maybe 10 cons, he runs them over, and over and over and over AGAIN.

His totally up his ass cult followers fall for them over and over and over and over again. These people are so incredibly stupid, they are constantly digging their own graves and walking off of cliffs, leave them to their own devices and they will self destruct.

And that is what they are doing, problem is, they are trying to take people with them. Hence the race-baiting. Hence Candace Owens.

Now this one is not a Pub. Oh no. This one is GETTING HER HUSTLE ON!!!!

Candace Owens is getting CRAZY PAID simply for being black, and running them 10 lame ass racist ass soundbites that the Pubs love to run, to get their base all fired up Klan style and full of hate.

1. Blacks are lazy and stupid and looking for handouts from the government! (As are the multi billion dollar corporations but the idiot Pub follower mind isn’t allowed to think about or question that.)

2. Blacks (or Mexicans) are rapists! Why do the Pubs run this con? They know the simple silly mind of their base. They know what the base fears. What does that white make base fear more than anything? Not getting laid. And these fears are valid. Most of that white male pub base got no cool in them. They constantly worried about someone else getting the puddy they think belongs to them.

You know what this doesn’t translate into though? Minority men raping white women all the damn time. That’s a fiction created by Pub white men to deal with their insecurities about their sexuality and performance. They stay projecting those fears into others (white women, minority men, gays, lesbians and transgenders) because they can only view sexuality in small, limited and highly unpleasant ways.




You wanna start with me???? No you don’t. I will break your Pub brain…I will shove so much truth that YOU can’t handle down your throat, you will choke on it.

So back to this Hustler, Candace Owens…did you know that when she speaks to entirely black audiences she says entirely different things than she does when she speaks to her idiot sheeple Pub audiences? Oh yeah she does!!! And she’s all like “Black people! We have to learn to game the system the way I’m gaming the system!”

And…she raises valid points…to THAT audience.

But when she comes out into the mainstream media (to cash her paycheck) doubling down on the same 10 idiotic Pub racist sound bites…well that shit IS DANGEROUS.

This bitch has literally caused black men to be killed and lynched. She gives the racist Pub followers the go ahead to be as brutally racist, and rapey and murderous as they like…because she parrots back all the justifications they need, with her wide black face.

And all the pub racists just love her for it. And so I guess that’s you…or you’re a Russian race-baiter starting shit over here.

Either way…you got me…you pushed MY button. (Oh yeah I got buttons.) I cannot stand stupid, idiotic, soundbite rhetoric. I cannot stand the traffickers and peddlers of it (all Pub politicians) and i cannot stand the sheeple idiot who fall for it and want to subject others to it; and I really, really, really cannot stand underdogs who sellout other underdogs for their own personal financial gain.

They bring out the dark in this light worker…I sometimes imagine myself punching Candace Owens in the face repeatedly until it is nothing but a mass of bloody flesh.

But I would never actually do that. I’m a light worker! I move in love and light 🥰!

Until you press my buttons! Then it’s all bloody fangs and darkness…👹

That fuckin Candace bee-atch, brings out the worst in me.

Working with the Light!

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