Nope…I like it. Things are sooooooooooooooo fucked up…if we want things to change, then we have to change, our level of consciousness. And I understand your resistance to that (been there, done that), but spiritual stuff considered too “woo-woo” (I’m guessing) for you, is the only thing that brings me any peace these days.

As we woo-woo weird ones like to say, “if it doesn’t resonate with you, don’t pay any attention to it.”

No one is forcing you. But it brings a little bit of joy too thousands (you wouldn’t believe the stats on that stuff) and that’s a good thing. And I don’t put that behind a paywall, cause that lil bit of joy should be free to everyone, I feel.

People are genuinely scared. There’s not a lot that can be done to ease their fears in this crazy AF world, (which my woo-woo self calls 3D).

And yet, if a woo-woo meditation can bring someone peace, even if for a moment, then damn it! I’m going to put that out there for them.

But thanks for your friendly advice, I’m gonna leave it.

Working with the Light!

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