Nope. I live in an area with a lot of South American immigrants many EL Salvadorian, some of the MS-13 variety, most of them not. People who actually live with the issue, understand the complexities.

People who don’t are afraid, and insist on policies that make things worse for everyone, including themselves.

Local law enforcement does not care for the way ICE is totally fucking up the neighborhood dynamics and making EVERYONE less safe.

Local law enforcement has been struggling with MS-13 FOR YEARS, and the best way for them to catch them is by getting law abiding immigrants to help them. Thanks to the Trump Administration immigration policies THAT IS DONE.

MS-13 is fucking thrilled! The Trumpsters just gave them cart blanc. You know what the rest of us should do? Tell MS -13 where the Trumpsters live. Oh you know what? They already know.

This is basically a very smart, very organized drug cartel that knows small towns are their best bet for hiding out. Why? Weak law enforcement, no real competition. It allows them to grow and strengthen their crime rings and run roughshod over law abiding immigrants and even citizens.

So Thanks for that Trumpsters. You wanted to make life hell for everyone, you’re succeeding. Now go pat yourselves on the back for electing a man that is completely destroying the nation at a record pace. And don’t forget how he has managed to piss of every powerful nation in the free world. North Korea built a nuke just for us. so let’s see, in a span of six months, Trump has completely unleashed the drug cartels via his “immigration reform” (and is probably in bed with MS-13 laundering drug money through his casinos) as well as, pissed off all the major Asian countries, China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan. You must be so pleased.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!