Nope, in this paradigm? Clones, genetically engineered humans/robots are the future…and that’s already here. It really is.

The heirarchical thing is unsustainable at this point. I see you are clinging to that reality and it’s not easy to let it go, as that is all that humans have known seemingly for the last 10,000 years.

But we have no record of what’s before that (no written record anyway.) and archeologists uncover strange, strange stuff that definitely points to all kinds of other stuff besides the heirarchichal civilizations all the time. WTF is Stonehenge? The pyramids? (so perfectly aligned with certain stars in the sky.) Easter Island? There are no explanations for those things that fit our current knowledge of the last 10,000 years.

I know this will break your brain, but Archeologists uncovered a city in Africa, where the doors to the dwellings were on the roofs. Yet no stairs, no way to get to those doors, WTF? So they theorized that the people there could fly. Well…that’s one explanation for roof-doors.

But this information is largely hidden because, keeping people (the stupid ones) locked down in a heirarchical mind matrix certainly reaps material benefits for the few rulers that you seem to admire so.

Small problem though…working in that paradigm, it’s HARD to hold onto power, because humans are intelligent…and power corrupts…so Caesar, Cleopatra, Hitler, Napoleon…all fell to the intelligent humans who conspired to overthrow them because they were just TIRED of their tyrannical shit.

Henry the 8th needed a knife to the back, killing all those “queens” with his fat crazy ass…this whole idea that that guy was “better” than the majority of population he was ruling is ridiculous. He was born into the right family, but was a spoiled fucking brat about it.

Most rulers are far from exceptional…they just have the advantage of wealth and position, and IF, they have average intelligence and luck they keep their position. But people are always gunning for them, faster, smarter more vicious people. This civilization is inherently unstable…they always fall.

Time for something else. Just because you can’t see it or understand it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Think of it this way…do ants know that you exist? Hell no. They have no idea about your world they could not fathom it. An ant couldn’t even fathom the existence of a city block…unless it was a very special ant.

Do you really think…in this vast and complex universe, that you’re really any different than an ant? Do you really think Human civilizations are any different than the ant colonies? You said it yourself, it is hubris to assume that there is only below…and not above. Humans are the top life form in the universe? highly unlikely. Civilization as we’ve known it is very primitive. We’re on the cusp of something far more evolved. And it won’t be hierarchical or masculine based.

There are literally, millions of levels of intelligences and life forms organized in so many different ways, other than this basic ape-minded structure. Telepathy, is already in play. Telekinetics is already in play, telematics is well on its way. The consciousness of the planet is changing drastically. The white mythology paradigm is crumbling and the fear, the desperation to hold on to that paradigm is palpable…but, it’s just not that serious.

Humans are apes with tools, literally the Chimp is the nearest relative.

And you leave an entire planet to Chimps…they will fuck it up…and clearly, we are at that point.

Some of us are going to make it to the next paradigm, and if you cling to this one too tightly you will not.

Let it go. Or not. Totally your choice, but the planet won’t be what it was. Not by a long shot.

I’ve opened a door for you… walk through it if you dare. Freedom is on the other side. Good luck.

Working with the Light!

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