Nope…R. Kelly shattered peoples souls. But the music tho! I don’t see nothing wrong with a lil bump and grind with Lil girls as long as you put a dope ass hip-hop beat behind it! (Says most of Black America…even the women.)

I mean the fact that he wasn’t treated like a pariah, after the whole Alia thing was a red flag…but after the video…with the whole peeing on Lil girls…the fact that black people still want to buy the music in droves? Republicans totally have a point when they’re all like “don’t complain when we treat you like dogs and shoot you down in the streets…why shouldn’t we…just look at how you treat yourselves.”

It’s true. There is a lot of self-hate and self destruction within the culture. R. Kelly epitomizes this in a way that is sickening.

I stopped listening to R. Kelly after the whole Alia debacle, if you didn’t…don’t be hollering about black lives matter…your actions show that clearly you don’t think so.

Working with the Light!

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