Nope…right and wrong, good and evil, is between people and their own God, should they choose to have one. EVIDENCE is what is in the purview of the courts…if they have it…and how they go about examining it, is how judges rule.

The evidence usually has very little to do with what actually happened. The evidence that makes it into court is usually about how savvy one’s lawyer is…if one can afford that.

The legal system is a game highly rigged in favor of those who have money. With money, you can pretty much buy any kind of evidence you want, and buy your verdict…

But that kinda money is something that most victims of domestic crimes can’t access, cause it’s hard to THINK, much less WORK, effectively when you are having the living daylights kicked out of you…strangled…beaten…on a daily basis.

I’m a lawyer. A civil rights lawyer, who grew up in a home that was EXTREMELY VIOLENT.

I know first hand how EVERY FUCKING LEVER in the legal system, social system and criminal justice system FAILS, FAILS FAILS HORRIBLY- not just the WOMEN, in these situations BUT THE CHILDREN (who are both genders…ask me about my brothers asshole…ask me about their lives….)

NOT A “FEMINIST” issue, asshole.

A HUMAN ISSUE, asshole.

Yes I realize calling you an asshole isn’t particularly helpful…but when you come up with this unapologetic bullshit, where you are basically saying “I don’t care if women’s lives are on the line- fuck them” I feel like I have to call you on it.

You’re wrong — a lot of lives are on the line…and also, you’re an asshole, for diminishing the value of the lives of “just women.”

Working with the Light!

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