Not an unfounded belief…not AT ALL…and I’m not a Trumpster…and my reasoning is not the same as theirs, but clearly the Tsunami of misinformation, and attempt to control all human movement, the commerce, the economy the physical locations is a VERY FORCEFUL ATTEMPT to control us.

And…the endless fear porn around this COVID-19, is causing grandparents to be afraid to interact with their grandchildren when the risk of the fatality is a little more than what exists with the flu. Families are literally being torn a part with this.

The MIND CONTROL seems to be what is most desired. Dumb downed and frightened people…so easy to control…and it’s clear that’s the agenda as the mainstream media runs 10 versions of the same fear porn stories around the clock. Let’s run it down:

COVID is an unknown fatal disease that could kill anyone at any time in anyway…the elderly…the young folk…the kids. It’s a death lottery. It’s critical that we be reminded of all the weird ways we all could die from this disease that no one quite understands, but Bill Gates has a cure for! He’s working on it! He’s the world hero! And we desperately need him cause:

You can get this any time, any where, and for any reason! In fact this virus is so magically deadly and different from any other known viruses, it sprints! It flies! It has wings and legs and will even travel through the AC air ducts in Restaurants! (True COVID-19 fear porn story.)

You can’t go to a restaurant safely! Oh no!

But if this were true…wouldn’t that also be true multi dwelling units? Which is to say people aren’t safe in their apartments either. In which case quarantine is pointless and there’s really no way to stop the spread, and we should just let it spread…and not suppress “herd immunity” another scientific concept that we can’t discuss with this. There is definitely a party line…stray from it, and get censored and attacked as a kook. An inability to discuss everything, rationally and with out attack is the biggest red flag of all. Clearly the media is attempting to brainwash us into believing a very simplistic and idiotic narrative that limits human behavior and thought to a very narrow and illogical spectrum.

And the illogical highly nonscientific fear porn, undermines science and what has long been recognized as “fact” in science in absurd fashion.

Because fear porn sounds outrageously ridiculous, people ignore a whole lot of it. As they should. If you want peace and happiness you do not want to let that fear porn contaminate your precious mind. It will disturb it…and that the point. Mind control.

Here is more fear porn: Trumpster who insisted on eating at Steakhouse during pandemic, dies of COVID-19.

Oh that’s gonna do it! Cause Trumpsters are so rational! You’ve sure scared them!

Get a clue…this doesn’t work. Not with that audience! Are you kidding me! They do not scare for nothing…and they believe what they believe despite any and all evidence to the contrary.

The elite thought this was so cute when this dynamic served them up massive tax cuts.

But that mob is fickle….and they have developed their own agenda (some say religion) totally off script!

They are no longer buying whatever Trump says and believes…they are making up their own bizarre versions of what Trump says and believes! And apparently, according to many Trumpsters, Trump is God and Bill Gates is the devil.

Trump is destined to win this being the higher ranking deity. Try reasoning with that! 😂🤣🤣😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣👌

It’s so funny that this mob has actually developed a mind of its own…and is very deeply entrenched in a bizarre set of beliefs…that are not entirely wrong.

I can support the spirit of Trumpster resistance, although not the factual basis of Trumpster resistance. But this much they do know, what is being rolled out with this COVID agenda is not in their best interest. Trump also knows the COVID agenda is not in his best interests. In this way, their interests are aligned. They see all kinds of things in Trump that just aren’t there, but hey…these people need something to believe in. It’s never going to be the “science” that the COVID agenda is presenting as fact….and nor should it be…as the science quite honestly comes off as crazy sounding as the Trumpsters. Viruses bandying about air ducts? Come the f@ck on…really? Really!!!!

Another fear porn story: COVID has killed off as many Americans as the Vietnam war. Well that’s an old war fought when the population was much smaller, comparing those numbers to COVID numbers is just meant to frighten or inflame people.

You know what kills off as many people as several wars every year? Cancer. (Why doesn’t Gates develop a vaccine for that? Oh cause no money in a cancer cure…Tons of money in the medieval “Treatment” of it.

Global numbers are so large, lots of people die every single day from all sorts of things. Cause guess what? People die. It’s a Thing. Lots of death before COVID and lots of death long after. People die. This COVID hysteria almost forgets that this is the case.

COVID deaths to this day, are an insignificant amount of the total population. Basic math proves that. But basic math isn’t allowed to be discussed with this. Do scientists not use math? I’m just saying….

And then there is the whole asymptomatic thing! Oh now this is RICH! Wanna really terrify people? I mean really? Want to make them afraid to go out anywhere, for any reason, to do anything?

Tell them that people who are the GREATEST THREAT TO THEM are the healthy, happy ones with no symptoms of the disease! Oh those guys! Walking around infecting everyone silently. This makes everyone, everywhere an invisible threat! Oh my GOD! How extraordinarily clever a way to terrify people from engaging in the most basic human interaction!

With regard to these healthy invisible threats…my question is HOW!!!! Explain how that is scientifically possible for seemingly healthy people to run around affecting masses? Viruses are spread through touch….or through sneezes if airborne. If the carriers are not sneezing (because they are asymptomatic) how are they spreading this disease?????

Sure the could touch you, but in that touch they need to get to your mouth or some other orafice to immediately infect you.

Bey hey, mass media says don’t sweat the details. It’s the magical mystical COVID-19! It leaps from tall buildings! It infiltrates air duct symptoms! (Except not in residential places, where you are quarantined, because that’s not the narrative.) It lies in wait on perfectly healthy people and magically jumps to unsuspecting others, killing them on the spot!

What an amazing mass media mind fuck this has been. It is astounding to witness the lengths that are being taken to frighten and brainwash people.

In self defense the people are brainwashing themselves! Get luck on getting through to any of those Trumpsters with regard to any of this.

Do I think this COVID 19 is a massive attempt to deeply control the hearts and minds of everyday people (and especially Americans). Absolutely.

What else would you call fire hosing people the same versions of the same idiotic fear porn story around the clock? This is called brainwashing. You just repeat the same idiotic tropes over and over again, and people will believe them.

Except…people are waking up. We have all been exposed to so much of this, for so long, it’s become ineffective. Like roach spray. And that is exactly what we are to those attempting the brainwashing: roaches.

And so, what do you do when pests become immune to the poison they are being fed? You double down, come at them with harder and stronger poison…this is what COVID 19 is…the atomic bomb of mass media programming.

Working with the Light!

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