Not at all…I’m real. I got an excellent education due to a scholarship to prep school. I worked my ass off for everything I ever got. It’s been a nice life. I can’t complain.

Meanwhile I went to school with people who had million dollar trust funds waiting for them upon graduation, so I know wealth accumulation has not a damn thing to do with “bootstraps” and a whole lot to do with the hand you’ve been dealt.

If anything, I am feeling guilty about the affluence I was born into. Though born into the Middle class, I knew a lot of people trapped in dire urban poverty who worked their asses off and never escaped it. A lot of my contemporaries are dead now. They didn’t deserve it. They got dealt a bad hand. Had they been born white, in America at that time, (70s or so) they probably could have escaped the poverty. I am just thinking about my friends and getting pissed off about the arrogance and condescension of those who speak to bootstraps.

You just don’t know…have no idea really…

You can work 20 hours a day, getting paid minimum for 10 of them and never, ever, EVER get ahead. Your assumptions about me are way off base, but to be fair, I just kinda went off on your post. So of course you’re going to throw stones back at me. I deserve it.

But like, seriously! Enough with the bootstrap nonsense! People who talk that talk rarely walk that walk. They’re all legal gangsters and criminals, like the folks at Enron…or anyone else at the head of any major corporation.

And as for people who actually did the bootstrap thing (yeah I know a few of them), I hardly ever hear them yammer on about bootstraps…

I’m just feeling some kinda way about that bootstrap propaganda. Economic shit in this country is really jacked, stop blaming victims. It’s infuriating. 😡

Working with the Light!

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