Yes, that’s problematic, as it implies the source is compromised-and it would be. IF — and this is a big IF -if Donald Trump Jr. didn’t tweet, “yes I responded to these Russian emails…and here they are. Read em!”

Even the journalists are baffled.

It points to big ethical problems with this administration, basically that the administration is always lying and getting caught in these lies, and stupid caught. Dumb criminal caught. Like you hand the police a bloody knife with your fingerprints all over it caught- and say, “I didn’t know stabbing people was illegal, what’s the big deal?”

What DTJ did was stupid and pointless. But still highly problematic, for members of the Trump administration on issues of security clearances and other ethical issues.

Do you have any idea what happens to most people who lie on their security clearance paperwork? The destruction of their careers. But Jared Kushner, gets a pass? And this has nothing to do with Russia, but it’s a huge problem. No Feds will trust people in the Trump administration. Because they lie, and then later scream, “yeah, I lied, so what!”

Do you really think this will sit well with the hundreds of thousands of Feds who are held to much different standards? And, if you are someone trying to cover and defend these lies, this puts you in a really bad position. Kelly Anne Conway, Sarah Huckebee, HR McMaster, Sean Spicer…all these people are household names now…and not in a good way.

It’s really not about Russia anymore. it really never was. Always it was about Trump and his people pissing off really powerful people, and them finding ways to get back at him.

They are going after all the people around him, and its working. Trump may have the resources to fight against the powers that be who are after him, but his people probably do not. Which is why no one in the administration is jumping to DTJs defense, because legally, it really is indefensible. None of Trump’s people want to destroy their careers getting caught up in those types of jams.

I say all of that to say this, no this is not a smoking gun about effective Russia collusion, but it’s a smoking gun about a whole lot of other stuff! Attempt at collusion. Stupidity. Lack of integrity. Ethical issues that are going to plague this administration like the Benghazi thing plagued Hillary.

A lot of people believe this administration is a joke. The administration is not proving them wrong. How can Trump keep claiming his presidency is legitimate when, these issues haunt him constantly? It’s clear that Trump supporters will say “no smoking gun” no matter what.

You could have Trump, on tape with Putin, saying “now exactly how are your people going to hack the DNC, and what exactly is the benefit to me?”

Putin could respond: “We will use our best hackers, get in their database, steal all kinds of information in their voters and sell it to you, along with their Facebook accounts, so you can use the intel to change their minds.”

A version of this is happening, it’s just not Putin who is doing it, as far as we know. It’s an alleged American company, working for Trump, but who knows? For all we know they could be connected to Putin. This is the problem. When you are dealing with blatant and bold liars, you can’t trust ANYTHING they say. And…that’s where we are with the Trump administration. Credibility is shot.

But anyway, the Trump supporter response to that would still be, “so what, Putin hacked the DNC and helped Trump- it really proves nothing because (insert flawed logic and theory here.) always something going back to Hillary or Obama…yall do realize they are long gone — and the media cares nothing about either one of them. They are no longer in power, so they are not of consequence at all.

Meanwhile, healthcare, taxes, jobs, the environment…most people care about this stuff and nothing productive-nothing- is happening on these fronts in DC.

Do you see how insane this is becoming? Trump supporters want Donald Trump to be innocent of any wrongdoing so badly, they are always saying ridiculous things about what hasn’t been proven. A lot hasn’t been proven about Russia collusion, but a lot has about other illegal and unethical activity. Some of the worst proof of unethical and possibly illegal activity comes from the Trumps themselves. You can’t say, “this is fake news!” When Donald Trump Jr., himself says, “no it isn’t…I did do or say, whatever the New Tork Times said.”

Yes it is beyond stupid. Some silly Russians contact DTJ, “we got the dirt on Hill!” Hey says, “I love it!” And meets with them. He is pissed because it’s bullshit. He owns all of that. Technically, that is collusion- or at least a bad attempt at it.

If DTJ wanted to kill his wife, and met with Russian hit men, who later revealed they wouldn’t actually kill his wife, but wanted to talk about adoptions…this would still be proof of attempted murder. Because he met with them to set up a hit. Where the law is concerned, it doesn’t matter that he is just a really ineffective criminal.

This is insane. And this keeps happening! It’s a bad movie! Like the whole Comey thing. Trump administration says Comey’s termination had nothing to do with Russia investigation, then Trump himself claims it does!!!!

Trump administration says Trump didn’t reveal sensitive intel to Russians, Trump once again tweets that he did!

How many times can we do this? Something negative comes out about the Trump Administration, loyalist defend, scream fake news, etc. and then…Trump and now his son, says the news is in fact true. They did do whatever they were accused of. That prevents you from saying the news was fake.

The news is stupid. But the news shows that the Trump Administration lies about a lot of stuff and can’t be trusted. The news is probably being dug up by the deep state to distract. (I mean how do you get copies of someone’s emails?) The news is disturbing in its idiocy as well as it’s attempts to distract from that which is important, but the news is not fake.

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