Not for me, no. You are still pissing in my ear and telling me it’s raining Kady…and I’m not stupid, and I see what you are doing. You can’t excuse horribly, horribly bad behavior, by tellling me, well the Dems considered horribly, horribly, horribly bad behavior- and, see the Pubs just got there FIRST!

Yeah, that logic is kinda sound if you believe this is a game…that doesn’t affect real lives, of real people in real time.

I see what is being done to this country. I see it. And I know it is not the will of the people, because I am out here with the people working on the issues that affect my community, every single day. Sexual misconduct and perversity is just one of many, many complex problems..but the manner in which this recent incident was handled? It could not have been worse…so I fail to see how any reasonable, rational or sane person, can call this a win in any way, shape or form. It further divided the country and it is tearing apart families — destruction, violence and division follows this man everywhere he goes, from the manner in which he throws his rallies (it’s always a match into a powder keg, situation, where predominatntly white crowds, run into pretty diverse groups of protestors…like has Trimp ever thrown a rally into Montana or Idaho? I’m pretty sure the whole state would come out in adulation, isf he were to do that. But there would be no conflict, no puchback, no ratings.

The man loves the ratings, even when it leads to death, violence and a shitshow like none other, that offends and devastates millions of people who need to be affirmed in some way (survivors of sexual violence). He holds these rallies and MOCKS these people, thus encouraging his rabid followers to do the same. That must be terrifying for people who have been sexually assaulted, lived to tell the tale, or are considering doing so. Striking fear in the heart of victims of any violence, never mind sexual violence? I don’t know of anything more demonic or evil than that.

Working with the Light!

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