Not necessarily. I was brainwashed into believing that acquiring things, houses, cars, stuff was important. There is an onslaught of programming — buy, buy, buy! Consume, consume, consume…and just stupid stuff. 50% of the beauty products peddled are highly toxic for example. I no longer use any of them. Buying toys filled with lead for your children is horrendous, and yet that’s American capitalism for ya. I am very cautious these days about everything I buy.

When the very food on the grocery shelves is highly toxic — and yet extremely profitable for a handful of shareholders-something is not right. And yet the pure capitalist says it’s perfect. Huge profits, and when consumers get sick from the food there is a trillion dollar cancer industry to finish them off and get every last little bit off capital, literally from their blood and bones.

I never questioned the system, until it affected me. Then once you start to do the research and pull that veil back, the corruption is sickening.

And no, I don’t have any magic wand or another economic system in my back pocket to replace what is clearly very corrupt and very wrong in America, but neither am I going to sign off on your assessment that capitalism is the solution to humanity’s economic woes. It is not.

Especially when there is so much corruption involved in capitalism as it currently operates. And almost everyone can see it now. Even if they don’t understand it. This is the reason so many Americans are outraged over just about anything and everything. We are turning on each other and have elected a con artist as president, who knows exactly how to manipulate that sort of dynamic. And isn’t that exactly the sort of thing that Putin does? (I honestly don’t know much about him, except I hear he keeps a lot of drama going between all those Russian and Slavic peoples.)

But Don’t these corrupt world leaders, keep a lot of divisiveness and fear going, so that they don’t really have to solve any problems? So that they can feel free to extract as much personal wealth from a nation as they like, without being accountable or accused of corruption? And isn’t that oh so clever? Especially if the country is in dire straits and cannot be easily fixed?

American voters have been desperately trying to change the corruption in our system, that has only gotten worse with each passing decade. This last stunt of electing the Donald, is not going to do it, in fact it is going to make things much, much worse.

And so, from the outside looking in it is easy to think that Americans are lucky and live in luxury, but that’s just not true. Plenty of Americans live without running water, access to fresh food or adequate shelter. And you’re right, I have been lucky that most of my life I’ve had all of this, but I’ve known plenty who don’t have it. The hoods here operate just like third world countries, and that’s where I’m from, the hood. So…I know what it’s like to live in a war zone…cause when the crack epidemic hit the hoods in the 1980s, everywhere you turned it was drugs, guns and death.

So you make a lot of assumptions about me and people like me that are steeped in ignorance. You assume I am privileged. Well…somewhat. But I have known and seen some real hard times, just like you. I’ve seen people brutally raped. I’ve seen women beaten senselessly just because life in the hood is rough. I’ve seen people murdered. And in all that, I decided, this just wasn’t right. There had to be a better way; and that is why I am drawn to social justice work, which has nothing to do with racism or sexism, but for me, it is about standing up for what is right.

And in the hoods, where a black man is four times as likely to be murdered as anyone else, living anywhere else in the country, I am going to speak to that. And its not racism. It is what is happening. It is something all African-Americans need to be aware of, and speak out against. We also need to speak to what is going on in the hoods, like all the guns and all the drugs that magically appear in them, despite the fact that the hoods have no gun factories or cocoa plants. So WTF? How is it that the hoods became ground zero for the American drug trade? That multi billion dollar industry. I know all about it. It was by design. It was capitalism (black market capitalism) at its worst. But it wasn’t right, to destroy entire communities of people so that a millionaire could become a billionaire.

If a woman is killed in her home every day, it is not sexism to point this out. Again it is happening and yes, I am going to speak to that. And if you have a problem with any of this? You’re the racist. You’re the sexist. You’re (maybe) the Marxist.

It’s always been very simple for me, right is right and wrong is wrong. Killing people is wrong. When certain groups are targeted for injustices I speak up. I speak up, for example, for veterans- mostly men, all different races. Our country treats them horribly. It is disgraceful what these men are put through and what they come home to. But I guess that’s Marxism too? Expecting my country to keep the promises made to the vets? I’m certain you think so. Cause capitalism thinks the vets are just fuel for the military industrial complex, to be used-up, spit out, and left to die, alone and painfully. That’s what’s happening.

I say all of that to say this, you keep attacking our American ideals about the way we think this country should work for us, but you’re taking stabs in the dark. You don’t know these systems. You don’t know these people. You don’t really know what has been promised, and what is owed. You don’t know what kind of debts have accumulated or how or why. You have no idea, for example, that Native Americans, have treaties with the US, that have not been honored. Land that belongs to these Nations, via treaty, is being stolen by very wealthy corporations. These same corporations are finding more and more clever ways to streak property from American citizens. That is what the housing crisis was all about.

If a nation makes an agreement, it should be honored. If agreements are not to be honored then the foundation upon which the capitalist system rests is crumbling. And it is.

Yes as an American I have benefitted from capitalism. I never said I didn’t, but because I have, because it is not fair, because it is a corrupt system, I will speak out against it. And you won’t silence me by calling me a Marxist. That means nothing to me. I know what I stand for. Truth. And doing the right thing.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!