Not only that, but it is also intellectually dishonest to act as if any of these treacherous types of terrorism or kickback that all societies across the globe are encountering from oppressed and economically depressed communities occur without a host of domino conditions. And these conditions were what led to the oppression. Yes American slaves were freed in 1865- except they weren’t. Alot of them didn’t even get the memo until much later- and they continued to work as slaves, well into the next decade.

And people were not just willing to release their slaves. Are you kidding me. Essentially that was a loss of thousands if not millions of dollars and the South politically, strategized to keep that system in place- de facto- by any means necessary. By enacting certain kinds of legislation — Jim crow laws. Via certain psychological manipulations. In American, in the South- to this day- many Southern blacks act as if they are still enslaved…and if they step out line, they fear the consequences- whcih in the South are not all that different than they were 100 years ago. If you are black and in the South, you better shuffle, and “yes maam” and “no suh.” And if you happen to be an uppity negro like myself…well you will encounter an extraordinary amount of resistance from a certain type of Southern mindset.

A very high ranking official, I worked with, once was alleged to have said of the OJ Simpson verdict,

“That’s why in Alabama - we lynch our n*ggers.”


People who are often the most fearful of retaliation from the oppressed groups, are people who played a part in, or who benefit from the oppression of these groups. Which to me speaks exactly to the cause and effect nature of these situations.

The Taliban, had one hell of a back story. ISIS has one hell of a back story. Palestinian/Isreal conflict has one hell of a back story. African and South American child soldiers have one hell of a backstory. The African-American underclass has one hell of a backstory — and to ignore that back story, is to be childish and offer no real solutions to some very serious problems. Where does it get us in the end? All I know is it solves no problems, and makes the violence and terror escalate to even higher and more destructive forms.

A solution a lot of extremist want to reach for is to kill all the problematic people…sigh…it’s been tried and it hasn’t worked. This has not worked. This makes these problems much, much worse.

With so much in the world, in so much conflict, over all sorts of things, we’ve got to start believing great minds like Einstein: we cannot expect to solve these problems at the level of thinking that created them.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!