Not really. There was a horrible recession early 90s. But later the IT thing jumped off and that was quite a ride, but that was a bubble, it burst.

In the 80s vibrant urban black communities were fucking destroyed by crack. That shit was by design, racist ass Reagan and the CIA.

The drug trade is worth billions, and now that it had rung black America out for all that it was ever worth, it’s come for working class white America with a vengeance. And whoever is behind that shit doesn’t really give a damn about race, only profits.

Im just saying…I came of age 80s and 90s, that was my experience, plenty of people were totally fucked financially. Totally, totally fucked.

The economic fuckery has simply spread to very large swaths of white America…and they’re all like “OMG! We’re economically suffering! Let’s kill off all the blacks and get rid of the browns!”

That’s not really the problem…but the divide and conquer games are one hell of a distraction, and the whole, demonize the people of color has been the Pub go to to decades.

It works well.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!