Not really, I just speak to my experience, one of which involves witnessing about six full grown police officers stomp a black boy age, I don’t know 13 to 15 into oblivion, because he was standing in front of a jewelry store where the window had been smashed in, by I don’t know 10 to 15 other black boys who ran off and evaded arrest for that particular crime.

Histrionic that.

The point is, they didn’t even question the boy standing in front of the store. Maybe he could have told them about what happened. I saw the whole thing, I could have told them what happened…they were uninterested.

Just like you. They would rather keep up their wrong and deadly assumptions about what happened. Kill a boy randomly and claim to solve a crime, when all they did was enrage a community and embolden real criminals who know exactly who to manipulate and play these kinds of idiots. Game recognize game.

Working with the Light!

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