Not really politics…more like 6 to 1o year old antics…even the tweens got cracks that are more sophisticated.

When people try to defend this juvenile bullshit, it just sounds stupid. You can’t defend everything Trump does or says, even if you love the man to pieces. Some of his antics are just really stupid, idiotic, bordering on dementia or some other form of mental deficiency. It’s like if Trump craps on himself, y’all gonna come running out the woodwork with “he was using his personal funk as a biological weapon, to defend himself!”

No! The man just crapped himself! And he does this often. To the point where it’s not even newsworthy. No one cares anymore.

But the defenses that pop up…they are just insulting to everyone’s intelligence. I am deeply insulted that you want to sit here and justify this idiocy as “politics” or “defense” or (and this was really irritating) “keeping it 100.” No, he was keeping it 10 — the mentality of a ten year old. Stop trying to dumb us all the hell down. We are not idiots. Well at least some of us aren’t. I would like to think most of us aren’t.

It is what it is. Trump is who he is, he said it himself, no different than when he was 6 years old. Those are his words, not mine.

If you are uncomfortable with the fact that your president talks like a six to ten year old, that’s your problem. But don’t try to gaslight the rest of us into believing it’s normal or acceptable or anything other than the man publicly taking a shit on himself and stanking up the room.

It’s demeaning to him, it’s highly demeaning to the office; and the best thing we can all do in such a situation is just ignore it. Maybe he will stop. It’s not likely, but it’s worth a try.

All of this “well he has to defend himself” is bullshit we don’t even tell 6 year olds. He sounds like a demented old man. He just does. Trying to clean it up just makes it worse, and makes you sound stupid.

Enemies…the man is his own worst enemy. So all this talk of “enemies” stupid, silly, simple. They are not his “enemies” they are journalists and/or pundits doing what these people do. Most people only listen to whatever pundits they like, so most people could care less about Morning Joe and or Zima or whoever. I don’t even know the woman’s name. But all this idiocy around what he said or she said, only draws MORE attention to flaws in Trump.

Eleanore Roosevelt said it best: great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.

Small minds discuss people — enough said. Now, who has a small mind? Anyone on this bull right here.

Working with the Light!

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