Not really the same, a journalist doing their job is not at all the same as a foreign government hacking into a political parties database and stealing and then dumping their info.

But haven’t you been paying attention? That’s not even the story anymore. Now it’s making the rounds on social media, that murdered DNC staffers Seth Rich (under cover for Bernie) was the leaker, and was murdered because of it. Check out Caitlin Johnstone ‘s stories.

Who knows really. Both parties are proving to be ridiculously corrupt and left media can rip the right to shreds and right media can rip the left to shreds: the point is the candidates deserved lots of shredding; and they got it.

Anyone who reveals the truth about any of this insanity is in fact, doing a noble deed, unless they are doing it for nefarious purposes which arguably Russian hackers could have been, but now we will likely never know. Too many agendas and side agendas out there.

Working with the Light!

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