Not sure…I again I believe what facts bear out. Facts bear out that people can be born with both sex organs. This is bound to impact identification as male or female or both.

Beyond that, I just don’t know-and I don’t speak with absolute authority on anything that I don’t understand.

Scientists have found differences in the brain structures, of scientists those who identify as “liberal” or “conservative.” The conservative brain struggles mightily with flexibility, the unknown and areas of gray. It is only assured by definites, even if they are a fallacy, even if they must be created.

I suppose the term “I don’t know” is frightening to you. You’d never say it. There is so much that you claim to know, beyond any reasonable doubt.

The world simply isn’t like that…and the world isn’t going to change for you Ryder. Even if you have a cool name.

Working with the Light!

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