Not to mention all the truth suppression and insane spin, which occurs to this day…even to the point of writing founding fathers out of History.

It was George Mason, not Thomas Jefferson who wrote most of the US Constitution, and what Mason didn’t write, Jefferson stole from the Iroquois Nation.

But most Americans are clueless about Mason because Mason, was disgusted by slavery and made it known.

He basically said, if we go forward with this whole slavery thing we (we being white people) will turn into psychopathic monsters.

He was right. And they did, (many of them any way turn into psychopathic monsters.)

But that didn’t fit in with the shiny, spin that the that American power structure wanted to sell to the world. So Mason was written out of history everywhere except Virginia.

But now all the world sees America for what it is. It eats its young, and kills off its own founding fathers, especially the ones with a conscience.

Working with the Light!

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