Not true…everyone in America knows this is not true…In law school, the blatant and rampant racism in America’s criminal justice system is discussed without much fanfare or ideological manipulation. In criminal law and criminal procedure statistics on how the criminal justice system is five times as likely to convict a black man for the exact same crime as a white one are thoroughly discussed, as well as the why. Back to the 13th amendment. To keep slavery in full effect despite its legal eradication. White male professors teach this to their predominantly white male students at one of the most conservative law schools in the nation. They certainly do not teach this for the benefit of black men. They teach it so you will not what kind of criminal is the easiest to defend.

This education wasn’t for me, I just happened to be in the room. But I guess they are all also unwittingly promoting Marxism, too? Despite the fact that this law and economics schools boasts that it is one of the most fanatical defenders of free market capitalism, and recently renamed itself after Anton Scalia, the recently deceased conservative Supreme Court Justice, who is best described as draconian.


Working with the Light!

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