Not true. Look up the definition of a conspiracy theory or conspiracy theorists — it’s simply a belief in a secret plan or plot connected to an event, put together by powerful people.

It simply is not true that “by definition” the theories are not supported by facts. Oh the CTs have plenty of facts. They have tons of facts that do not add up. The facts they present suggest that someone is LYING about something. Usually someone or something powerful. Usually trying to cover something they can’t explain without revealing something horrendous they would definitely rather not reveal.

Raping children for example. What lengths have been gone to to cover that shit up, in the case of Epstein? We will never know…and discrediting anyone who brought forth allegations against Epstein and his cronies, well that worked really well. So that’s the tactic right? Just keep that shit up, right? It is some one trick pony shit…I’m hip to it.

I actually wrote an article about this in order to develop my own understanding of conspiracy theorists and why the extraordinary need (among some) to discredit them.

I’m Gen X. I don’t trust 90% of the bullshit that mass media reports out as truth because any fucking idiot should see mainly we are constantly subjected to nonstop lies. Case and point? Almost every fucking commercial, I’ve ever Watched. I figured that shit out at age 5. These products DO NOT ever seem to work in quite the way that they are portrayed on the tell-lie-vision.

And there is so much money in convincing people that something very close to shit, is the best prime beef burger that there is. And that’s the fast food industries stick…they’re very good at it.

I ASK QUESTIONS. I get an Attitude when I get bullshit answers because it makes me think that whoever is giving me these bullshit answers thinks I’m stupid.

It’s like KRS-one said, “you want to label us rebellious, because we don’t accept everything that you’re telling us.”

That’s essentially the game being played with the kinds of labels you’re throwing out at “conspiracy theorists.” You’re trying to invalidate critical thinking. You’re trying to invalidating simple inquiry. You’re trying to strengthen and amplify mass media commercial brainwashing. )That has become far less effective as the years have gone buy…despite the fact getting ever slicker psychologically.

It’s all about the fear.

Well I got news for you, there have always been those whose minds vibrate to high to do the whole low level, fear-filled idiot box thing. TV is dumb, dumb, dumb. I have always thought so. Social media is a bit slicker, but of course it attempts to do the same thing as TV, get masses of people to believe a lot of dumb, dumb, dumb shit…and if they’re to Smart, then dumb them down with fear. Big money in this strategy. And everyone wants a Mark.

I’m no one’s mark.

Now, whenever I raise all of these very valid points the response to them is always crickets, crickets. Because there is no real response. You know I’m right. You know I’m not stupid. You’ll simply move onto the next mark you feel you can bully and push into idiocracy (believing in dumb shit and not asking any questions.)

And a lot of the time, you’ll be successful. But not here. Keep it moving.

Working with the Light!

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