Not true. You are making things up. You do realize there was a taped phone call to 911 with Zimmerman reporting Trayvon’s presence and then announcing, “I am going to go after him.” To the 911 operator who clearly stated, “sir, we don’t need you to do that.”

But he went on anyway Trayvon Martin ends up dead. Not Zimmerman.

As far as any “criminal” behavior on the part of Trayvon Martin that is absolute bs. No one really knows what happened between the two, after Zimmerman stalked Martin, but if Zimmerman has a right to defend himself then certainly Martin does as well and Martin did NOT pursue Zimmerman against the advice of appropriate authorities, while Zimmerman did. Those are facts. The fact that Zimmerman was acquitted proves nothing except that the prosecution couldn’t meet the legal standards, which are supposed to be high, to gain a conviction. Yet and Still, Zimmerman is as innocent of murder as OJ Simpson. Neither were convicted, both guilty as hell.

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