Not what I am saying…not exactly. But even that’s not all that farfetched…I mean what is a dream if not a reality that you totally made up in your mind? It doesn’t matter if it’s a day dream or a night one. Either way they are mind made realities, And really we have no way of proving that waking reality is not a dream…no way to prove that.

The world IS made up by my mind. At least my world is, and so is yours made up by you.

Unless you are not real. You might be a figment of my imagination…like the guy in Waking Life…ever see that? If not you must see it, you just MUST. Check out this clip.

I guess this is what I am saying, externally, there is everything, everything! The mind makes choices. It’s a game the mind plays with itself. The mind can tune into and focus on whatever it wants to. Most times we can only focus on what we believe to be there. So I my mind believes that I will wake up in a bed…so I do. But what if I said to my mind, hey, let’s wake up on a cloud, or in the ocean or in a palace? Would the mind do it? No. Because the reality my mind has already created is persistent, just like Einstein said. You think he was joking? Maybe. I can only speak for my mind and my mind is going to follow those same persistent rules my mind has created.

But, suppose I could by pass those rules? Philly was a chance to bypass the rules. Why? Because my mind had no rules about Philly, no firsthand ones any way. So when I said to my mind, “Hey Philly is beautiful.” My mind choose that easily. Now, if I tried to make my mind do that with Cleveland, Ohio, that would be much harder- because my mind already has so many rules about that place. My mind would have to disregard all those rules and then choose the beauty, when the mind knows, ugly, ugly, ugly is everywhere, cause the mind has seen it.

Here is what I don’t understand, when you have a blank slate, why does the ugly show up anyway? Like when I saw that ugly stuff in Philly, why? I wasn’t choosing anything, at the time, I was just blank, letting anything pop up on the mind screen. That’s an undisciplined mind. But when I said- “I choose beauty!” That’s what I got.

We can pull down anything we want from this reality. It’s like being in a bookstore or a library. So many different narratives and scripts to choose from, they all have different tastes and tones, just like all the different realities.

So why hang out in realities we don’t enjoy? I think this is largely the curse of an undisciplined mind. Negative realities are highly, highly addictive, just like drugs.

Positive realities require discipline , meditation is one such disciplinary practice. It is the road, the way out of negative reality.

Want out of negative reality — no demon feeding for one. Don’t get me started on demon chasing, fighting or feeding. All gateways to very negative realities, and I know it, and yet I do it, all the time. Even in my previous post, I’m throwing crumbs to demons. It’s addictive. I think you know something of these bad, bad, habits as well.

So Paul, I am on my way out of negative realities. How do I know? They don’t compel or attract me the way they used to. I tire of them. I am bored with them. I keep asking myself, where is the damn exit? And isn’t it obvious? It’s inside of me…all this damn time, it was always, always, always inside of me.



Working with the Light!

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