Nothing is that simple. It’s disingenuous to act as if it is. This is the slippery slope that is propaganda. It seems a reasonable enough statement. You can get thousands of people to co-sign it. This doesn’t mean it’s the truth.

The movement involves far to many people for anyone to insist they know the intent of every single one of them. It’s a patently illogical assertion…but that’s the point, isn’t it? To make logic, reason, in-depth questioning pointless. To just keep saying a thing, and like brainwashing, just make it “true” via repetition.

You might believe this, in fact. And you won’t even question how ridiculous it is to assume you know the intentions of millions (do you have any idea how many millions is?) of people.

It would be like, claiming to know the intention of every single person inside of 10 fully pack stadiums. Have you attended every single BLM protest and asked every single person there: “why are you here? What is your intent?”

No, of course not. And yet you claim to know, above and beyond any reasonable doubt.

None of this is so simple that anyone can make pat statements about any of it. But when people get afraid, they absolutely do not want to engage in complex thought. They just want their worldview validated.

I get that. And I’m not judging that. If this is what you need to tell yourself to sleep at night, it is what it is. But if you want to know yourself better (and plenty of people don’t), you will probe deeper.

Working with the Light!

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