Now that was actually interesting. I don’t disagree with the guy…and No it’s not because he’s black that I agree, but because he is critically thinking.

I will listen to any critical thinker on the topic of racism, sexism etc.

And yes, I get it how “identity politics” fuels polarization. I totally get how the average white man probably feels under attack, but here is what I also get, there are so many factors, contemporary and historical factors that led to this particular time and place in American history…I don’t think there’s any getting around an ugly play out. You can rail against “identity politics” all you want. I don’t see either or any extreme side backing down. I really don’t. We are at that time and place.

All that’s left is to identify where you stand. And it is important then, for people to stand for reason, truth, justice, and neutrality as an opposite to hate and fear.

Everyone is angry about 1001 injustices, perpetrated against all sorts of everyday people. And that is identity politics, it’s not going anywhere until the underlying issues that have created them change. And they’re not changing. They’re only getting worse.

So if you want to end hateful identity politics, you have to walk people away from that hateful place. That means you have to tackle the issues underneath the politics. Validate the way people feel about their issues. Validate that I feel some way about not having clean water to drink! And I’m here to tell ya, I am not backing down on that.

Validate that neo-Nazis feel some kind of way about a society that makes them feel disposable. Understand that they got little sympathy coming from other members of society that have felt disposable for years, and validate those feelings as well.

That’s what I’m talking about with crossing the lines. It’s about finding ways to find that common ground; and with all the insanity all around, a million and one distractions, it’s difficult.

But it is what has to be done to move forward productively. If not we will polarize ourselves into a civil war, and that’s already underway.

Working with the Light!

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