Now this is the depression talking. I would never assume you are the source of all my problems. I know full well I am (and could only ever be) the source of my problems.

I suffer from depression too (and not just any kind of depression, but bipolar depression. Now that’s some depression for your ass.)

But having suffered from this illness for most of my life (which now is damn near 50 years, FUCK! I’m old!), I’ve learned not to fall into its traps: black and white thinking (no pun intended 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣) particularly negative thinking-I am for example deeply opposed to calling people trash. Always have been. But I am well aware that that is how white people, refer to other white people who are not at a socioeconomic level that they find acceptable…and that goes all the way back to England in the 1600s.

I am a civil rights attorney who fights for the Under Dog, and understand very well the plight of someone like you. I’ve stood up for people like you, and I’ve seen some of them treated so badly I’m haunted by it to this day, even though I witnessed that treatment several years ago.

And so, just like I don’t know you, YOU DON’T KNOW ME EITHER.

It’s problematic for both of us to make assumptions about someone’s identity based on sound bites we come across on social media; but we both did it, and I suppose we’re both a part of a problem. You ain’t gonna take all of this and lay it at my feet buddy! But I wish you well in your future endeavors, BREXIT not withstanding (y’all really tripping over in that UK.)

Working with the Light!

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