Now was that so hard? For a lot of people it really is a very difficult thing to say, and an even more difficult truth to acknowledge (the history of being brainwashed into the idea of black lives not mattering.) This brainwashing affects all people. There are black people (honestly) vehemently opposed to saying black lives matter. It comes from a place of fear…and especially in places like Birmingham where saying such a thing might cause you to be murdered, so the resistance is complex.

All the racism is rooted in oppression for everyone, because so much fear is required to keep it in place. Also, feeding the ego by demanding that others be less, so you can be more is such a spiritually deadening practice that it will effectively kill your soul (or at least separate you from it for quite a bit of time.)

What’s happening now is people are waking up to the light within themselves.

Working with the Light!

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