“Obamaism features economic stagnation and morbidly obese government dysfunction…” or something to that effect.

Yes, I agree. And Obama inherited all of that. I did not think that Obama was going to magically turn the country around. All I wanted from him, all anyone could realistically expect from him, was to keep it from falling completely apart.

The housing crash was huge. It did not happen on his watch, so to give him…to give anyone that shitshow, and say “okay do some Jesus Christ water into wine Miracles for us and turn this all around” was just unrealistic.

He kinda ran on that platform though…and it bit him in the ass, because he did nothing like that and yes as time wore on, many lost hope.

It might surprise you to know, a lot of blacks can’t stand Obama. They think he is a sell out. They think he is the cause of all this “whitelash” against them, and for what?????

He did hardly anything at all to improve the plight of African-Americans in this country, when he could have very easily via pen and pad — done tons.

And yet, millions of white Americans are foaming at the mouths about all these alleged opportunities that blacks have been showered with during the Obama administration. Which is just patently false. The Obamas dissed Oprah…who helped him get elected and is also one of the few black Billionaires in the world.

If the Obamas dissed Oprah…what the hell would they do for any ordinary round the way Black American? Not a damn thing. Obama did nothing for blacks except make racial tensions much worse, and hence our lives more fucking miserable. He could have easily done a great deal to make our lives much better.

He could have chosen, for example to totally reframe the war on drugs, which is a war on people, and especially black people. Russel Simmons laid a lot of groundwork with regard to politically taking on the establishment, with regard to this war on black people, but Obama could have helped Simmons. Instead he couldn’t have cared less.

Once he got into office, I think he was impressed with his own power on the international scene, and really got into that — and not in a good way either.

But he did not tear the country apart. He did try to accomplish some positive things, and honestly that is the most I can expect from any American president. He did a great deal to try to empower women. I do respect him for that. But even that has resulted in this insane sort of anti-female backlash that is in my opinion the pinnacle of human idiocy and stupidity. To not care about women, is to not care about humanity. It is to not care about the future. It is to shit where you eat.

I know how Washington works. I’ve worked inside that beast…and my God… the fact that anything ever gets accomplished is just a freaking miracle.

Bloated inefficient, ineffective federal government? That’s too kind. It is freaking Brazil! (Brazil is a film about a beauracracy that is utterly insane.) That is our government.

I had a job with the USDA where I earned $40 an hour to, I kid you not, push a piece of paper from one side of the building to the other. I kid you not! That’s all I did!!!!! I spent at least 10 hours on every case. The cases had been backlogged for years…and why? What were these cases about? Federal employee’s rights which are, I assure you, the most extensive and substantial in the entire world. They say you can’t fire a federal employee…well you can. You just better be ready to fill out 10,000 forms in order to do it, and then someone like me will review those forms, and I will push those papers to someone else, saying, “I have reviewed these forms, the case can go forward, you can now also review these forms, that I have substantiatially reviewed.”

Insanity. There are no words. Obama did not start that. In fact, under his watch a lot of that sort of thing ended. Federal employees hate Obama because he got rid of a lot of their benefits. Or it happened under his watch, a lot of this is just financial, the money simply isn’t there, anymore.

I for example was a contractor, which is to say, I was doing the work of a federal employee (the exact same work) without any of those federal benefits. I could easily be fired, and eventually was. I was a contractor…and those contracts run out. But do you know how much companies make off those contracts???? The Feds paid the company probably $100 an hour for my $4o worth of work. Crazy. Why are they doing that? Because hiring a federal contractor at $100 an hour is still way cheaper than hiring a permanent federal employee.

And yet my job was stupid and useless and literally served no purpose. (Relax…I only had it for 6 months…don’t blame me for the downfall of America…which is about as useful as blaming Obama.)

Your tax dollars at work. Disgraceful. So yeah, I get the working class anger. We are all getting shafted by the Feds and have been, for forever. At least since I arrived in the scene in the early 90s…since the. I worked for HUD, the Department of Labor, USDA and the FAA (kinda -it is a long story) the waste, the inefficiencies…unreal.

But the Federal Agencies are not political. Well…they are but mostly those agencies are out for their own self interest, getting their hands on as much money and power as possible…to hell with what is best for the people…and if any sector has gone unchecked for years…it is all those federal agencies. They understand Dems and Pubs and how to manipulate the hell out of both parties.

I was a political science major, and I used to be in awe of America. Our checks and balances, our status as a super power in the world. I believed that we were a sort of Disneyland of governments.

Then I started to work within the system.

The first time I could vote, I not only voted for Bill Clinton, I campaigned for him -via Carol Moseley Braun — the first female African-American senator.

I didn’t really want to campaign for him…I didn’t trust him. He seemed shady to me. This is the impression I got the first time I met him. At this time he was a virtual nobody. I’d never heard of him. Didn’t like the looks of him. And yet the democrats were shoving him down my throats and telling me, that if I was going to campaign, I had to accept the entire ticket. That’s just politics, so go out there for both Carol and Bill.

I didn’t. I primarily campaigned for her, screw the democrats and their rules.

To be totally honest, I was less than thrilled about her and I didn’t expect her to win. Me and some other political science majors decided to do it, for the experience; and to make a point. A black woman, can and should run for the Senate. We campaigned for her ferociously on principle, as for her, all the work we did for her and she treated us as if we were gum on the bottom of her very expensive shoes.

She had zero interest in us. She was all about the money. I really did not like her, and did not expect her to win.

( She did and that whole thing was wild. It was a clear backlash to the Anita Hill thing, I know, because white women, who I wasn’t even targeting, (that was not the lane the democrats put me in) would walk up to me and tell me, Carol was getting their vote…because of Anita Hill…because no one should have to drink Pepsi with pubic hair on it.

Anyway…it was a wild Senate race. Carol won by a slim margin and The black Chicago vote carried her despite the fact that none of the Chicago black voters really liked her. Long story short…she is was a sellout. Any black person that gets to the larger American political stage is going to be a sellout.

She had stabbed Harold Washington in the back….black Chicago voters let me know there was no larger sin. I had to beg and plead for votes for her…that was my specific job… that the democrats gave to me…get the black vote out.

I had conversations like this: “yeah, she’s not optimal” I would say…”but she’s better than the rich white guys, don’t you think?”

It was very persuasive to a beleaguered black population that lives under a racist regime the likes of which, are clearly comparable to what Jews experienced in Nazi Germany.

This is politics. You back someone, rarely because you deeply believe in them or what they are about, you back them because options are limited and you make the least worse choice for you. Your choice is not, who will look out for me, but who is less likely to shoot me down In The streets…and honestly, if you are a black American, that choice is never clear, most politicians will sacrifice you, but Republicans are clearly going to do it first. So you vote for time, you vote for a possible reprieve from known racial terror, you vote democrat and you hope for the best.

You won’t get it. But you will at least avoid the worst.

At the time, Carol and Bill were the least worst choices for me. Because of who I am, and what I want out of life, democrats will probably always be the least worst choice for me.

If I were white and male, probably I could see things differently, but I’m not, so I’m stuck with the damn democrats and yeah I get it.

They suck. They really do. You think this is news to me? You think I don’t know what their con game is? Of course I do!

But what good does it do me to belabor that point as that is really my only viable option? I could, like all my other fellow democrats, whine and cry about how they need to get better, smarter etc…honestly? I don’t have a lot of faith that they will ever do any of these things. They will do what they always do “identity politics.”

Which I don’t really know what “identity politics” means — but here is what I think it is…democrats say:

“Everyone not white and male and very wealth, you have no choice but to vote with us because Republicans hate you and want you to either be their slaves and/or die. We are not going to do a damn thing for you really, but at least we are not that.”


And so what choice do any of us really have? So this is the reason I can never, ever, ever go Republican no matter how much the democrats suck, and lie and play their little identity politics mind games, the truth is Republicans are VERY CLEAR on their “identity politics.”

And I guess Trump irritates me so much because he has made that the clearest than this has ever been made in my lifetime. One the one hand, I should be grateful for the honesty. Trump has made the Republican Party an honest and authentic one. And I do realize that many Republicans do not see themselves that way, but this is always what the Republicans party that I have known has always been about. (Don’t give me the Lincoln freed the slaves nonsense, please! Because that wasn’t about fairness or equality but effective military strategy.) if you are a white male, you do have the luxury of believing that Republicans are not racist or sexist. The dire policies that they are going to implement are not going to affect you. They will not stop YOU from voting. Or getting a breast exam, or an abortion or getting to a safe place to avoid getting the crap beaten out of you in your own house. You have the luxury of being able to ignore all of that and just act like it is not relevant to society in anyway.

Until It affects you…and honestly it might.

Someone was joking with me that I needed to practice being a slave, because that’s on the Republican agenda now, during the next four years, they’re going to round us all up and put all the African-Americans back into slavery.

and I know you’re going to say, oh you are being extreme and full of hyperbole, and yet…It is really not so far-fetched. Just read the 13th amendment. America today probably has more black slaves today, than it did in 1860.

But, identity aside, since 2000 our political system has impressed me less and less. I realize though this is the best thing going in the whole freaking world. It is an amazing system, in that it has managed to work at all. Monarchies and feudalism is what the western political world, had been about for at least the past 2000 years. You are right in that our great experiment with democracy, has in a sense failed dismally, while being a total success, in the bigger scheme of things.

Quite the paradox.

Look around the world, there is nothing quite like America, anywhere. I do love this democracy, the idea of it, anyway. So it really hurts that the reality of it is such a stark contrast to the great thing that it was meant to be.

This democracy has been deeply corrupted on both sides. The right and the left are largely the same, and only pretend to be different. We had a good run, but now it seems we are at the end of this experiment, but maybe not. Maybe America will bounce back, yet again.

I doubt it though, because People are stupid and deserve the democracies we get. Now we have got Trump, and this is looking less and less like me a democracy. Clearly, he is implementing a plutocracy, more firmly and rigidly than any other US President in my lifetime.

But he is just being honest.

And the people…the people! Are largely clueless. As you pointed out they will flitter back from one side to another, thinking every time they vote, they are waving a magic wand. Oh so Obama and the Dems are gone! All this countries problems will be magically fixed now! The Trumpeters are positively giddy! For what? What exactly do they think is happening? I know. The removal of the car tax.

About 15 years ago, in Virginia, this Republican came out of nowhere, promising to get rid of the car tax. (People hate this tax…it is this huge tax, every October, we pay no less than 500 and up to 5k, for owning a car.)

Anyone with a brain should have known there was no way for Virginia to get rid of this tax. Far too much revenue in the tax…Why would anyone believe something so idiotic? Well the Republican governor gets in. The tax goes nowhere, initially. The people we’re outraged. “I voted against this tax!” No you voted for a politician who promised to get rid of the that tax and, he lied to you dummy!

He actually did get the tax reduced for a while. (About 5 years) But now it’s back, in full effects and on top of that, we got the higher sales taxes that were supposed to replace the car tax…see how that works?

I’m glad the pubs are in control. (Kinda) cause now they got no excuses…people who voted Republican way have everything they ever wanted. America is going to be great again, right?

In January! It is happening! The Pubs are going to do it! drain the swamp! Build the wall! Imprison Hillary or just sit up and laugh about how they had all those idiots believing all of that.

Of course, the National Review article conveniently neglects mentioning the criminal gerrymandering the pubs have been up to in order to make sure people can’t vote against them.

Im just curious, what do you make that disaster in North Carolina? What is up with that? I don’t even want to get into the whole states rights things, because the states, all of them, fail to impress me. They do it he stupidest things for the stupidest reasons- or really so- an elected official can get lots of money. Here in Virginia…in my own county…we got rid off all the farmers. Taxed them off their land. Stupid! stupid! stupid!

What are we going to eat? States are so intwined with the federal systems, and quite honestly so disorganized and money-grubbing and therefore more easily corrupted than even the Feds.

The way I see it, the Pubs have been running on a platform (white males only) that has been self-defeating…and the double Obama win was quite the wake-up call. They came back fighting and they don’t fight fair.

Do you know how many times I had to try to register to vote in Virginia, when I first moved here? Five. Who kept rejecting my registration? Republicans. Why? Stupid reasons. You don’t have a PO box listed as an address. Really? I needed to have one of those to vote? Nope. They got sued for these antics and had to finally give me my right. Grimy, dirty. That is not a fair fight.

Yes, Republicans are winning huge numbers of seats and chairs and such, for at least two reasons 1. Democrats don’t do much of anything except point out that Republicans are hateful and 2. Republicans cheat, lie, steal, suppress votes, and grab power by any means necessary, when they don’t have a majority.

I sometimes think, this is all a big show, and it really doesn’t matter who wins. Things are going to be what they are going to be and all that really matters is distracting people from how deeply they are getting screwed over. Put people on teams — neither is that great- and get them tearing each other a part for crumbs. What a great way to distract people from the guy taking the cake.

Well, as you say, this is my perspective quite unique from yours. But I enjoy your perspective. Especially the last post regarding the Kennedy assassination and all that followed. That was before my time, and therefore, outside of my personal knowledge base. No one quite described it to me, in the way that you did. And it’s not that I didn’t get that his asssasination was a big deal…I did. I got that. You just made it really visceral.

You say you appreciate the left and the right, well I think it they are both full of shit and am thoroughly disgusted with both, however the pubs always disgust me more, usually a lot more, and that is no small feat.

We have at the very least, had a process in place that allows us to pursue a really finite spectrum of free choices, with a modicum of economic security.

This process is breaking down, now…and you are right. It is a cycle. I get that, but the depression was a cycle…a pretty miserable one, just ask anyone who lived through it. They will tell you. (Or at least they told me. They’re all dead now.)

Some cycles I would rather not have to experience, and that is how I feel about America’s current cycle. But I’m probably being too pessimistic. I am trying to stop this, and I find your perspective refreshing because, it is so uniquely not all or nothing. I thank you for it.

And Happy Holidays, to you and yours! God bless America.


Working with the Light!

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