Of course I don’t teach black kids this. I teach them the truth, which is that there are at least a million and one systematic traps set for the , that do not (at least not until recently) exist for most other Americans. I teach them that they will be unjustly targeted and even framed by corrupt police officers, who have quotas to fill from traffic tickets to murder convictions. Thy have got to get those numbers to keep a job and they keep those jobs on the backs of black people. And this is not to say that there aren’t black criminals. There are tons of them! But the real ones never get caught, never do any time…nope. The millionaire drug dealers, responsible for destroying entire communities? Well they get special assistance from the FBI and CIA.

The CIA says, “hey how many black people will you sacrifice to our criminal industrial complex? So we can take average criminals, and teach them how to be psychopaths and then send them back out into the black communities that they came from to wreak even greater havoc? We will unleash these black psychopaths, (that we created) out into black communities where they will kill everyone, so we don’t have to do it? And the big bonus is, we all get rich in the process. You down for that Rick Ross?”

Well, Rick Ross was willing to play that game, all too well. The pay was so damn good. But then he grew a conscious (only after all his money was revoked under RICO) and decided to talk about all of his nefarious government dealings. He snitched…on the FBI.

Anyway this is the real history, which most African-Americans are well aware of, because as I said, we lived through it. We all know who the Rick Rosses are in our communities.

We all knew that they were getting help from some very, very powerful political forces, by the way they were able to get their hands on so many guns and so many drugs so quickly. We all know how deeply protected they are by law enforcement and we all know how corrupt that law enforcement can be.

Do you have any idea how much untaxed cash 💰 money moves, through that drug trade? Enough to make the most boyscout cop kill his mama over…that much.

So please.

I lived through this. I watched my community be destroyed by this. I know exactly who is to blame, and it certainly isn’t black people.

You can keep your long, self righteous diatribes about what Black children need to do to succeed, over in Ireland, where there are very few, if any black children, thank God!

Because with all of the endless targets painted on the backs of young American black lives, (by the FBI, the CIA, the police, the South, the prison industrial complex which is the epitome of institutionalized racism as well as modern day slavery) the last thing they need are self-righteous lectures from unstable Russian historians who live in Ireland!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!