Oh Absolutely. There definitely is something to it, it’s just not the “Q” party line. I mean no one even knows who or what “Q” is, and Q followers then make “Q” whatever they want it to be.

Q is definitely on to something…and I appreciate Q shining light on something absolutely diabolical, the pedaphilia is real and that rabbit hole runs deep.

But Caitlin is right, the bizarre justifications of almost anything? That’s how Q gets discredited, written off as crazed conspiracy theorists…and that’s a shame, because I’m with Q on the fact that for the love of God we need to save the children from some deeply nefarious forces. But to credit Trump with this brilliantly implemented master plan that will accomplish this? Really?

I don’t believe this, but I could be wrong. Anything is possible. But there is nothing coming out of the Q community, that is providing any evidence that this is REALLY happening.

And all of the evidence that is provided is just stuff any politician will do, when they want to appease voters, while actually doing very little beyond lip service.

Even so, I do so appreciate the passion and zeal with which the Q community pursues it’s purpose. I am enjoying that. I am hopeful that it will lead to something good. Really!

I’m just not at all convinced things are playing out the way the Q community seems to think.

Yes, I get that Trump has pissed off a lot of establishment people. I get that he is nonstop attacked for that. I also get, that he is the closest thing that we have to an underdog taking on the system. I get that; and there are certain things that Trump is doing that I really and truly appreciate. Trump bucks a system that is trying to enslave us all. I can see all of that.

But what I cannot see is Trump saving no children. Not the way the Q affiliated do. That delves into fantasy and providing justification for any and everything Trump does…and that is dangerous. Qanon doesn’t seem to realize how dangerous absolute empowerment of a single politician (turned unaware cult leader) is.

Or…maybe it does. Maybe that’s the point. Maybe this is a Walrus/Carpenter situation.

Q is a cult. And Trump isn’t even behind it. You should be asking yourself then, who is? And for what purpose?

Caitlin seems to think this is a psyop…and that does seem plausible. There are at least a dozen major psyops running right now. The point? To cause chaos, confusion, division and breakdown. Sadly, it’s working.

Working with the Light!

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