Oh boy. No I don’t. That would be a complete waste of my time and energy. I don’t hate Trump, quite the contrary! I’m entertained, not only by Trump, but all the characters he has brought to the national stage. They are so fun to watch! It’s the best reality show ever! (It really is.) and I get a kick out of the people — losing it over the things he does, and the people (like you) losing it over the people, who are losing it!)

And you have to put people in little boxes, like a conservative mind just can’t function if it can’t throw some kind of label on someone. Most people don’t fit your little labels, so you can call me a lefty, or cuck or snowflake or whatever other kinda insanity you got going on. It doesn’t bother me in the least! I’m not even vibrating on that frequency so, it doesn’t matter.

Saying Trump is incompetent to be the President of the U.S. is just the truth. It’s not a partisan thing, because the truth of the matter is if you believe there is any real difference between a Pub or a Dem, you’re the fool. They all work for the same company — and the job is to screw over all the people without them actually realizing it. With Trump, people realize how deeply they are being screwed over. Some with Obama too, but Obama was smooth it was never this obvious. Trump is showing us all how deeply corrupt our system is. I love it! I can appreciate what he is doing. I know he’s not doing it to actually help anyone but himself, but still, it needs to be done and he’s doing it. I love how he has painted the Pubs into so many crazy corners. It is so fun watching Paul Ryan squirm! Love that! Now Mitch McConnel is unflappable, no matter how Trump plays to the freak show, Mitch just keeps on doing all the crazy, psycho stuff the overlords require, using Trump as the puppet he was meant to be. Gutting healthcare, feeding live human babies to demons, placing huge tax burdens on everyone except the very rich. He gets stuff done. That guy, is one helluva politician. You want to know how diabolical Pub agendas get done? Watch that guy! He’s a political genius. It’s not like the Pubs don’t have them, they just don’t have one in Trump.

Trump does not control the media. He interacts with it quite a bit, but clearly no control over it. He can’t even control his twitter account! He tweets carelessly. Then he retracts. Then he gets trolled! It’s a train wreck daily!

Reporters and activists wouldn’t be getting arrested for asking questions and protesting if he had total control. He would be able to enjoy the White House Correspondence dinner, instead of ducking out like a frightened child. A man who has so little self-control, can’t control vast industries that he doesn’t own like the media or the US government.

He’s actually doing as well as could be expected. And he very well might make America great again, just not in the way most people think.

But I have no dog in this fight! What happens to Trump has zero impact on me or my life, as most presidents have very little power to impact people’s personal lives. It is one hell of a show though. Relax and enjoy it.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!