Oh God…you really are clueless…once in the public eye (and operating a public restaurant is certainly that) there can be no expectation of privacy…that’s in the law.

Yeah it sucks for sure…but that’s the price of fame…and this guy, who was clearly so unstable that he wasn’t prepared for the fame, lost it all. His restaurant…his family…it is tragic story for sure, and Alexander in his capacity as a journalist failed to reveal the true and entire story around this guy’s failures…which I’m sure had very much to do with his abusive personality, because the flaws and defects that lead one to engage in strangling ones wife, don’t END THERE. That’s just one huge red flag, that point to a whole host of character flaws that ultimately led to this man’s downfall.

He was also probably a horrible boss…probably mismanaged money…but ultimately men who abuse women are typically extremely insecure men, with extraordinarily fragile egos and live in constant fear, of just everything…and that goes back to childhood…because they grew up in a house where they saw their mother get strangled…that tends to fuck a little boy UP…and then he grows into a deeply damaged man…

Sigh…you know so little of what you speak…or probably you do. You just don’t want to face the truth of your own experiences.

Working with the Light!

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