Oh I agree, completely. I’m just saying that these forces are in motion and it’s almost impossible to stop them at this point. Think of it as a pendulum swinging, if it gets pushed really hard in one direction, what happens? It swings back the other way of course, with just as much force, if there are just as many people pushing — and in this country the ideological split between “left” and “right” is pretty even, (sort of not, but not really.)

This country’s political pendulum is swinging wildly and recklessly and this sort of momentum has been building at least from 2000, probably before. If you take the emotion out of it, you will see that what is happening is rational. Huge numbers of people are pushing, and they are pushing against one another so hard, yes of course things are breaking, of course they are spiraling out of control.

People who call for cooperation are silenced or ignored. This is war, or at least this is how it starts. My advice? Don’t jump on the pendulum. It’s a very clever manipulation tactic by powers that be, that benefit from keeping people at war and at each other’s throats. And…what problems has war solved ever? None. It just makes them all that much worse. But it does make some people quite rich. The people who sell weapons, and they largely don’t care what the war is about or who wins, just as long as once it’s over they can set the stage for another war. All through out history these special interests are the real and only “winners” that you speak of. They keep doing what they do, moving from country to country and getting all the richer.


Working with the Light!

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