Oh I am absolutely condemning humanity (and not only America) but I am also saying, (and I realize that this is particularly difficult for people who are holding on to some idealized golden age of whatever) — enough! Stop trying to justify literal blood on the streets. Something is very wrong here; and it is not that Blacks are rejecting “good ol American values.” Because those always were the good ol American values, that our blood would be on the streets — and then we are vilified for pushing against that. We should, I suppose, be thrilled with the way in which America was built on our bloody backs. We should feel privileged to sing an anthem that gleefully and unapologetically boasts of our collective murder…and if we should, God forbid, not jump up and pledge allegiance to the flag or sing the anthem on cue…then we’re Anti-American? Now that’s illogical- expecting people to jump and dance gleefully about their own annihilation. Really? There are at least two Americas…the one that African-Americans inhabit is pretty bleak…fearing that you will be killed at any moment by police, for no apparent reason and knowing that a good majority of your fellow Americans, are quite satisfied with this situation. They want, the blood, the death, the carnage. They want you dead, because you are black; and America in general absolutely refuses to accept any responsibility for centuries- centuries!!!!- Of damage inflicted upon African-Americans — but instead endlessly engages in all sorts of mental gymnastics to blame them for their destruction. Too many single parent families. Why is that? Because all of the men have been killed or imprisoned by a corrupt criminal justice system that began targeting them in the 13th Amendment! Too much black on black crime. And why is that? I grew up in a thriving Black community in the 1980s that came under siege when truckloads of drugs and guns were strategically placed in those neighborhoods. How did that happen? CIA? FBI? You bet. Just ask J Edgar Hoover how to destroy a black community. He wrote the book on it. Now that our frustration regarding centuries of terror has reached a boiling point, our lack of family values is the problem. Where was this concern for our family values when our families were being destroyed on the auction block? We have been unable to have family values for the past 400 years due to the economic terror we have experienced via legal slavery and all of the machinations that occurred after the end of legal slavery (the Klan, Jim Crow laws) that kept us terrorized and oppressed to this very day.

If you want to embrace American values — you must embrace them all. Not simply warm and fuzzies, about the heartland and Amber waves of grain…but real stuff…plantations built on the backs of these very black people that, if not enslaved, many believed were better off dead and tried to kill them.

Bottomline African-Americans deserve very little blame for the state of race relations in America, but then again neither does anyone else particularly. These problems are systematic- and it is the system and general primitive human thought which did not conceive of a better system that is to blame.

I’m not trying to blame anyone, but I am not going to entertain false narratives either. We will never change these corrupt systems if we don’t acknowledge the truth about them. We all participated in these corrupt systems and we all need to figure out how to clean them up, and stop making justifications for blood on the streets and advocating buying property.

Working with the Light!

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