Oh I disagree. While they may not inspire, (that is certainly debatable) they do certainly enlighten and educate. African-America’s have been living with American racism for years, as well as white American denial of it. Know that the racism is so extreme that it is palpable, it is both enlightening and educational to observe how extremely racist white people deeply cling to racism by engaging in it, and while at the same time seeking to actively deny it’s existence and especially when other white people speak to just how disgusted they are by it. This paradox is so cognitively dissonant and desperate it’s almost comical.

Your Intellectual gymnastics are at least entertaining. Others commenting here seem to think so as well.

Clearly there is a white divide on racism (that has always been there), but it is becoming more and more apparent as Trump marches on with his extreme racism- and white racist are extremely threatened by white resistance to it.

Racist Whites prefer that all whites to be on the same extremely racist page that they are. Well it’s just not the case, but that hardly matters anyway. The existence or nonexistance of racism is the least of your problems. You need to stop distracting yourself with this bullsh@t, and get a clue as to what’s really going down.

Working with the Light!

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