Oh! I got something for ya! I just came across, right here on a Medium, a roughly 60 page article that breaks down America’s fascination with conspiracy theories!

Plenty of research! This guy knows his shit!!!! And he backs up what I said (partially) when he explores the psychology of a conspiracy theorist!

He says they appeal to both those of low and high intelligence! With high intelligence, they capture the intellectually curious. That’s me and the conspiracy theorist I know.

We are not stupid people. We distrust mainstream info because it’s clearly koolaid.

Just drink the effin Koolaid! Says you. Even if it’s poisoned?

Do not THINK, just do what I tell you to do slave! I guess slavery is a conspiracy theory too. There were never any slaves over here! All this talk about slavery is a way for democrats to oppress white people! Believe Fox News (millions of Americans do btw) and you likely believe that this is true.

Conspiracy Theories are hot right now, because people are believing whatever crazy shit they wanna. And yes, for some people, that means dumbing oneself down and throwing critical thinking out the window.

For other people, it means asking THIS question: who in the hell are these people, who dumb down entire populations in the millions and get them to think the most insane shit? (That’s me. That’s the kind of conspiracy theorist I am.)

So those people (people who can turn HALF A NATION into unthinking zombies who froth at the mouth at the mere mention of the term black lives matter) are powerful people, with wealth and influence, and you know how people like that became that way?


They conspire to do all sorts of nefarious things for their own selfish interests. They might set off a race war. Do you have any idea what that would do for Fox News ratings?

They might propose a mandetory vaccine. Can you just imagine how rich and powerful the maker of such a vaccine would be?

They might force everyone out of the real world and into a virtual one, so they can be more easily controlled. They might. They might not. These are theories. I can entertain them, because I know how to THINK. But that’s the problem aint it? Can’t have me thinking…I’m not rich and powerful enough to be allowed to think freely. Only Elon Musk gets to be a free thinker. Only the rich and powerful are allowed to conspire, and have theories about the conspiracies of others.

The rich and powerful always conspire to control less powerful people. Always. This is the construct that human civilization is built upon…one set of powerful people, controlling multitudes of less powerful people via any means necessary, and to do that THEY CONSPIRED CONSTANTLY.

This is where the term conspiracy theorist comes from actually.

The stories of Catherine Demedici, being in the occult and a witch were just crazy conspiracy theories right? I mean there’s evidence that she poisoned anyone who posed the slightest threat to her, but that’s just another conspiracy theory, right? And her pal Nostradamus, (who she kept on constant retainer to prophesize the future) wasn’t a schemer or a plotter, just a loon!

Come on! Conspiracy theories exist for a reason. The reason is powerful people are always scheming and plotting, mainly, against each other. Problem is, they drag EVERYONE into their shenanigans. And so people, smart and dumb alike, develop theories to try and guess what their scheming and plotting is all about.

So no wonder it’s such a forbidden term! We are not allowed to look behind the curtain at the silly old man behind the great and powerful Oz, because then the illusion crumbles. But that’s what’s happening right now.

Let me guess…I’m crazy (for suggesting there is any truth to that which has been completely evident all throughout human history.)

All the Conspiracy Theorists are crazy! I wrote an article all about it! You should read it!

Working with the Light!

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