Oh is it now! A social poison pill? The histrionics are hysterical! Attempting to hold certain men, mainly white men, accountable for rapey behavior is a social poison!

But Travon Martin gets shot dead in the streets for wearing a hoodie and eating skittles, so we sure as hell know he wasn’t getting no hand smack for grabbing of the pussy…no for him, that would have led to a death sentence, right?

Boys can only be boys when they are white…and/or rich… cause if not they gotta die for stepping the least bit out of line…all these rules…that get so broken and subjected to all sorts of double standards depending on what side of the colorline you happen to be on.

What about Cosby? Rushing to his defense? I bet not…

If you want me to continue choking and drowning you in your own hypocrisy, just lemme know…I’ll be here all week!

Working with the Light!