Oh it is not! I don’t even pay attention to the progressive movement. These are all my own thoughts and ideas - based upon my reality. The food quality today is the lowest it’s ever been in America. That’s a real thing, that effects me personally.

Cancer treatment? Again personal experience. Clean energy is I guess considered “progressive” but at this point, it’s just commons sense. We need to stop bothering the earth and invest in an energy sources that aren’t inside of it. Those will run out. That’s a fact. That’s not political, anymore than me saying I have $10 in my bank account and I need to find some other sources of money, is political.

No, that’s reality. That’s just preparing for the future, more like our kids future.

I don’t block people just because they have a different opinion than mine, but I promise you, on most things, my opinions will never change and neither will yours. It is interesting to me, however, to see the way people think. Especially about Trump. He will never be my cup of tea- never. And it has very little to do with politics, and everything to do with personality. I notice than when I question most Trump supporters about Trump’s vast array of personal flaws, most just act as if, they don’t exist. That’s interesting to me…and so I like to see you and Steve McGrath and other Trump supporters do this. Of course none of this was really about Trump…but still. I find the dynamic interesting nonetheless. The same is true of economics, most people don’t want to really pay attention to what is really going on with it.

Working with the Light!

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