Oh my! What an imagination on you! Do you write sci-fi, or just read it?

Your response to the oankali is very human. I don’t think that would quite do it. It Would probably take the hybrids to get the planet back, as the hybrids had both sets of skills, and the Oankali were terrified of their human male hybrids. They themselves concluded to much XY DNA would take them out, so I think they decided to stop breeding them. I can’t remember.

Why does human extinction bother you? Every species has to die out eventually. It’s unrealistic to think that humans will not be outdone by another species eventually. Maybe even sooner than we think. AI is coming. I think the idea that human can compete with them, once they are up in running is the height of hubris. Asimov knew what was up. I have personally had some strange experiences with Siri, and people want to act like, I’m tripping!

The oankali would never be defeated because they kept mating with every damn thing. Which is to say they constantly visited other planets and kept turning into different things. Even if the humans had killed the earth oankali, they were all over the universe and they would have come back, eventually. But it would have been like 100,000 years later.

But yes I agree the oankali were very violent towards the humans, and they justified it relentlessly; and I think that was the point Butler was trying to make. She was saying to humans, (some of them anyway) how does it feel when it happens to you? Because I think the ultimately point she was making is this is how humans treat each other and other species currently occupying the planet. It was a common theme with her, another species hurting and disregarded humans, in the same way that we do each other.

The alien rape was a thing… so obviously she was trying to make a point about rape. And I think she was before her time with considering the complexities of consent. Because the oankali argued, if the human’s biology gives the green light consent was given. That is essentially one of the human arguments for nonverbal consent.

Yeah, really strange. But I liked it, as did most of my students and it was hard to get them to like anything! The world she built was captivating and really delving into some philosophical human questions. I think that’s why I loved this trilogy.

Anyway I’m going to check out your links. You might be too hardcore into the sci-if for me. I am a Ray Brad Bury, Rod Serling kind of gal…and it’s the world building I love, not so much the science. Therefore, I also dabble in fantasy, so Game of Thrones is my shift!!!!

Also Brave New World blew my mind…at the time…I was about 8. It’s sort of lame now…we are in it, more or less. Huxley was prophetic as all hell.

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