Here is a “conspiracy theory” I have actually entertained, because it affected me. I’ve had cancer “cut-burn-kill treatment; and I don’t think it is in anyone’s best interest. It certainly was not in mine.

Cut, burn, kill. This is what doctors actually call it. That treatment made no sense to me, as cancer is cells that have literally gone crazy. They start replicating in abnormal ways, why would cut burn kill be the answer to that?

Any IDIOT should be able to recognize that a CURE would involve, making these cells STOP DOING THAT, and behaving.

But that’s not studied. Oh no. And why is that? Because radiation machines are a trillion dollar industry, and if we didn’t do that, how would the owners of those machines make their money?

Chemotherapy? OMG…that shit is murder death kill poison. It literally kills a lot of people before the cancer does. Do you know how much that chemo poison costs? At least 20k a pop! What if you can’t afford that? Well you could go to an alternative cancer provider for pennies on those dollars, and possibly be cured — EXCEPT-the American Medical Association, legally harasses and challenges and some even say murders people who provide alternative avenues for treatment. A number of such places have been shut down for doing just that.

These people have been harassed out of business, this is A FACT. (I researched it myself, specifically the story of Rene Caisse and Essiac Tea.)

Now the murders are relegated to conspiracy theories, but I certainly would not put this past an industry that has done all of the unethical, dishonest, theiving shenanigans that Big Med has engaged in:

The Tuskegee Experiment — Essentially slow murder of those black men (for science) and a FACT. They were told they were receiving treatment…they were infected with syphillus abs not treated, just to see what would happen. (Fucking monsters)

Theft of Henrietta Lack’s DNA , for the development of a number of Pharmaceutical products — FACT.

And the only reason they were ever caught is cause they got greedy…and went chasing after her descendants DNA…these fucking monsters. Yes that “Those people.” An entire industry of people. Spare me the excuses.

When an industry lies, cheats and steals to improve its profit margin, you would be a fool to trust it with your most precious resource- YOUR HEALTH.

If the healthcare industry did not have a million in one problems, it would be easier for us to take information offered to us at face value.

But that is not the case. This industry lies, and cheats and steals…people know this…people do not trust it. It is what it is.

So people not jumping for joy over a Microsoft vaccine? Yeah, that’s cause they’re paying attention.

Working with the Light!

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