Oh no. That’s not what I’m suggesting. I don’t know how that’s going to work out, for anyone…all the hands have blood on them, including Trumps, and people who try to act like he doesn’t, get reminded with pictures. That’s all I was saying about that.

And I have no doubt that the Trump cults where members worship at his alter as if he were a Greek God, are stronger than ever, and are rallying ferociously in the Internet echo chambers they occupy.

And yeah, no one listen to mainstream mass media, how 2016. But, my point is mass media is run by the powers that be, and they seem to have turned against Trump. The why of that? I have my theories. I think it has something to do with Trump’s refusal to go along with the COVID 19 protocols. That everyone believe what mass media is reporting about CV is very important to certain powerful people who bought that “news” in the hopes on instilling a narrative that would be quite profitable for them.

Be that as it may, it’s not profitable for Trump, so he’s railing against some pretty big dogs with his resistance (which I actually appreciate.)

But in response to that, he’s lost his channel (Fox News) cause at the end of the day, even Fox sides with whoever has the most money and power, and with the CV narrative, that person is not Trump…and Fox News isn’t about to cross Bill Gates, because Trump wants his rallies. If you try to fuck up the narrative of powerful people, inevitably they will fuck up yours, and that’s what is happening to Trump (or at least mass media is trying to fuck him up.)

Will it succeed? Let’s hope so for Trump. If they don’t succeed in humiliating and neutralizing him, they just might kill him. It’s what happens to everyone who obtains extraordinary populist power outside of accepted and controlled systems.

But that might not happen either. Trump wields a lot of populist power, for better or worse, but mainly worse. He may be able to consolidate that power somehow…but he would have to make a deal.

Working with the Light!

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