Oh! One of my all time favorite topics — crazy! What drives us crazy? Mark Vonnegut (Kirk’s son) wrote a memoir about his bipolar experiences in the 70s. (ground-breaking at the time, cause back then NOBODY was talking about bipolar) In it he said, the issue is not why are they crazy, but rather how does everyone else stays sane. How do they do it? By constantly lying to themselves?

Crazy people, he posited, are just more honest and authentic than most. At the time I read it, (I was pretty young), I thought it might be true.

30 years later, I know it’s definitely true.

Okay so let’s talk about KPax, a film combining my two favorite subjects: the crazies and Aliens! Loved it! Now if you will excuse me, I have a beam of light to catch.

Working with the Light!

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