Oh quite a few are contesting his right to freedom of expression- and especially because he’s saying “don’t kill black people.” Do you think he would have garnered any attention at all if he was sitting because kids are getting cancer at alarming rates? (Quiet kept but equally as alarming.) No. It would have been, well that’s a strange way to protest that..but okay whatever. But since he’s taking a stand on the murder of black people — well there’s quite a huge White American faction that’s cool with that and wants that to go down! So here you all are -out with the pitch forks! Colin’s ungrateful and unpatriotic and not a team player! This is in no way true, but that matters not. White supremacists will throw all this hateful, slanderous stuff at him just because they don’t want the murder of blacks to stop. And you can’t really defend against this. You know it’s true. So, if you are such a white supremacists, just be real and own it. At least you’d be standing up for what you believe in just like Colin K.

Working with the Light!

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