Oh Ryder…I so have your little small-minded racist number. And I am so not angry about it, anymore than I am angry about the Happy Meal. Your racism, is some cheap, tacky, low class fast food. It’s McDonalds. It is everywhere. I don’t eat it, so it doesn’t bother me. But there are plenty who do. Your small minded, tired, old racist tropes, running throughout the centuries are neither new nor exciting, though I suppose they are to you. You are lazy, in that you don’t really want to think about racism. You just want to really, really, really convince yourself that it doesn’t exist. That makes you feel safe. I get it.

Yawn, snooze, snore….

I don’t exist to fuel or sooth your white male phobias. That’s what Fox news is for. So run back to the TV now. Where simpletons will report to y0u: All white people are perfect and all non white people are really, really bad and should die!

Then you, like a duly programmed sheep, will run out into the world repeating that simple sh*t, rejecting anything that doesn’t conform that worldview. And you’re basically a pawn, to be chewed up and spit up by the machine, par for the course, if you are silly, simple and stupid.

Go find your deep comfort in the Fox Newsian racist narratives, that spoon fed you the sad, stupid, stereotypical old divide and conquer narratives that elite have recycled for years, in a number of different flavors.

Life is so much easier when you don’t have to think right? Suck on that propaganda pacifier, and get your little fix. But don’t think, not for one second, that you have the knowledge base, or critical thinking skills to keep stepping to me.

The arrogance is utterly astounding…boy bye.

Working with the Light!

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